Breast cancer

These posts catalogue my journey through my breast cancer journey. I was diagnosed in September 2018 and will post updates until such a time as the journey seems to be complete.

A girl with attitude

When Master was editing this image, he said he thought I looked pretty bratty. I replied that I had been posing with attitude. I’ve always… Read More »A girl with attitude

Fear and Trust

This week is Sinful Sunday prompt weak, but I just don’t have anything movie related to share. So, I’ve decided to show an unseen photo… Read More »Fear and Trust

Nipple (singular)

I hadn’t expected that the only two categories beginning with N would involve the word nipple(s). But since that’s what it is, I feel compelled… Read More »Nipple (singular)

In Leather

Searching for a Throwback Thursday photo that also features lingerie I came upon this. Photos like this make me both happy and sad. Happy because… Read More »In Leather

Content warnings

Content Warning: Cancer – A discussion about whether blog posts mentioning my breast cancer diagnosis should contain content warnings. Recently I’ve been a bit irritated… Read More »Content warnings

Down a blogging rabbit hole

  • Julie 

I had planned to write every day for Jumpstart January. But yesterday I found myself down a blogging rabbit hole. As I mentioned in my… Read More »Down a blogging rabbit hole