About MPB

Who am I?

I am a woman in her late 50’s. The slave part of a Master/slave dynamic.

I love that so many bloggers and erotic writers make up such amazing names. I wish I had the creative nous to that, but since my name is Julie that is who I am on this blog.

My original blogger site, about this kinky journey began in 2012 when I took the plunge into infidelity and at the same time discovered BDSM. Married for close to 30 years at the time I knew there was more to life than I was experiencing. For many of those years I had felt miserable, trapped in a sexless and unexciting relationship.  Sexual enjoyment was mainly gained through toys and exploring sex through the internet. Infidelity, on his part at the beginning of that relationship had destroyed my trust in him.

There have been many times when I have questioned my own motives for looking elsewhere before ending the marriage. But that is what I did. I am the mother of one young man in his late 20’s who has now flown the nest and is married.  We enjoy a good relationship, but unsurprisingly it took time I  made.

Why MPB?

This current relationship started 5 years ago in 2014 and quickly progressed into a Master / slave dynamic. Within weeks He had named me his pleasing bitch. When I needed to move my blog later that year, I decided to rename it and me. So, Julie is MPB.


At the beginning of our time together, Master was also involved in another relationship. This was a long distance M/s relationship with someone from the USA, they had been together for 5 years. There were plans for her to move here to the UK, and the relationship with me was meant to be a temporary thing. But within weeks of us meeting it became clear that there was more to this relationship than we had intended. Even though we both tried to pretend otherwise we wanted it to be one that was for the longer term.
I think that if the other woman had been less jealous of me, perhaps we could have learned to trust each other. Perhaps we may have ended up in a full polyamorous relationship. Instead their relationship soured and by the autumn of 2014 they had separated.

The collaring

Just over a year after asking me to become his slave, Master collared me. There was no special ceremony, just the two of us. I knelt before Master and he locked it in place. I have taken it off a few times since, through airports in the early days. Plus twice so I could wear my pearls. The titanium is light, it doesn’t set off the alarms in airport security and I am so used to it I barely notice I am wearing it. Having said that, it is very important to me and serves as a constant reminder that I am a slave. Master’s slave. Few people comment, other than in admiration of it. Except that is people who recognise its significance.

Living Together

In July 2018 I sold my half of the marital home to my (soon to be) ex husband’s new partner. On 24th July I moved from my home of 27 years to live with Master and they moved in. There is work to be done in Master’s house, my new home to get things how we want them. but that process has begun. We are now living in a  24/7 Master / slave dynamic and are  learning how to make that work for us. Time for my submissive self to emerge properly and for me to learn how to serve my Master in the way he wants and needs.

At the end of August 2018, I left my job and started a career break. Since then I’ve taken on a few projects related to my former profession. But nothing that will get in the way of travel and fun with Master. 


In September 2018 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Posts relating to that aspect of my life can be found here.


I finally started divorce proceedings in January 2020 and expect this to be completed in May this year.