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I swear that as he gets older Master is getting to be more of an exhibitionist. In this cheeky post he insisted on exhibiting himself… Read More »Cheeky

Time waits for no one

I’m continually mystified about the passage of time. An hour can seem so long and a year…. Speaking of which, it’s nearly November and where… Read More »Time waits for no one


We’ve had the most amazing time at our house in France. While there have been little bits of maintenance to do, in the main we’ve… Read More »Bamboo

The suite

Sometimes you are gifted with a hotel room just asking for a certain type of image. Then a Sinful Sunday prompt comes along that seems… Read More »The suite


There are lots of ways of showing intimacy within a relationship. This his one of them. Snuggled up together watching TV, our feet touching. To… Read More »Intimacy

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