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I’ve been lucky enough to own property in France for almost 11 years. Back in 2013 I was made redundant and that summer, I invested some of the money into a small apartment. This provided me with a much needed bolthole when my marriage was failing and I was trying to find my way forward. When G and I met we discovered that we shared a love of the same part of France and have been travelling there together ever since. Weekend trips and midweek breaks have turned into longer trips. We’ve also visited other regions of the country including Alsace and Lorraine, Bordeaux and much more.

Two years ago we sold the apartment and bought a house in a village down in the south of France. This is our own home from home and it really is our happy place. We’re off there again in just a few weeks time. Here are a few photos of the places we’ve visited.

  1. Dijon
  2. Gruissan
  3. Marseiillan
  4. Bordeaux

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