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Content Warning: This post includes a photo of a healing breast reconstruction and discussion about breast cancer and DIEP reconstruction.

I am proudly showing off my two breasts. The left normal if droopy with nipple. The left smaller and firmer, no nipple. A reconstructed breast.

For 3 and a half years I had one breast. during that time I made the most of what I had and what I was. Someone who had survived cancer without too much trouble. Also someone who was prepared to buy lingerie and prosthetics that helped hide what wasn’t there. I got used to the sight of my scar, but never grew to like it. Who would?

Now at last I have two breasts again and they are both my own. The new one could be considered recycled. Since skin, fat and the blood supply have been moved up from my abdomen and stitched to what was already there. To begin with it looked quite unsightly. Master even called it alarming and it was. A rugby ball shaped bit attached to the remains of my former breast. Now that the scar is fading (yay for bio oil) the appearance has improved a lot. 12 weeks have passed and even though I still have a small wound in my cleavage, I am enjoying my breasts again.

For one thing I can wear ordinary bras. I can’t tell you how great it is not to need ones with a pocket, or that provide full coverage. For the first 6 weeks I had to wear bras that offer good support and wear them day and night. Also support knickers for my abdominal scar. Then I moved to bralets. Unfortunately due to the wound I’m still wearing those day and night. But I think the end is in sight. I’ve started to look at other bras, ones that will enable me to show off my cleavage.

Before I mastectomy I had no idea how much I took having two breasts for granted, who would? Having surgery was a risk, because it might have failed. I have an element of fat necrosis due to the complex nature of the surgery. But I and my surgeon are pleased with the results.

My new breast doesn’t quite look like the other one. It has no nipple and is smaller and rounder. I can have further surgery too lift my left boob. But I don’t think I’ll bother. I’m pretty much done with putting myself and master through all of this. Instead I’m going to enjoy my breasts. In a couple of years though I’m planning a tattoo right across the scar lines.

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  1. I love this. I am so glad things have finally healed up properly and you are feeling happy with everything. I am excited for the tattoo part too. Do you know what you are going to have?


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