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Who’s who?

This page is about the people who appear in my blog.

MPB – that’s me. You can read more about me here.

Master – Graeme has been my Dominant since February 2014 and Master since May of that year when I became his slave. He takes many of the photos of me that appear on the blog.

My Ex – He features a lot during the early years of the blog. He found my decision to embark on an extramarital relationship a difficult thing to take. We had been married for almost 30 years. He had been unfaithful to me early in our marriage, something I was never able to forget. Interestingly though he soon found another woman, something he lied about for a long time. They are now living together in what was our home. My relationship with him and with them has improved over the past year.

Steve – My first full extramarital relationship started in 2012. In the blog I call him Sir or Master until summer 2013 when he unceremoniously dumped me. We got back together on a friends with benefits arrangement and from then on I call him S.

K – When we met, Master already had a slave who lived in the US. There were plans at the time for her to join him. At first she welcomed me as Master’s submissive, but very quickly became jealous. Things deteriorated after he visited her in May 2014, especially since he asked me to become his slave while he was still away. Unfortunately she had mental health problems which exacerbated her already challenging behaviour and by October the relationship was over.

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