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I wasn’t someone who particularly cared about what underwear I owned. That’s not to say I didn’t have some nice and matching stuff, such as this. But as I mentioned in my post on Sunday I was more about comfort than style. I feel compelled to write more specifically about underwear because It has been a bit of a focus recently. For 5 weeks I’ve worn a sports bra and support knickers pretty much 24/7.

This had me thinking more about the lingerie I’ve shared here. How my choices had to change post mastectomy and how they will change again now. But also it got me considering the cost and how hard it must be to go through this when you can’t afford this stuff.

Function over style

Comfort has always been number one for me. I’ve never been a fan of the g-string or thong, but do own some. I think they are in a bag under the bed with the underwired bras. I always wore the latter, but later found more comfort could be found without wire.

Lots of colours I do like, lighter for summer, black in winter. White with a light coloured top. But in the main knickers that don’t dig in or get stuck in your bum and bras that fit. Course, I discovered in 2018 I was actually wearing a bra that was too small. I’d never been measured. But then I think most people are the same. There’s certainly more choice in a 36 or 38 than 40 or 42. Which I guess just adds to the issue.

There were occasions when I have worn a sexy leather bra as you can see in this post. But if Master can wear one of my bras then they must be too small for me!

Mastectomy bras and all that comes with them

Post surgery you need support to assist with healing. Also comfort and softness help with sore skin. But sexy they ain’t.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past 3.5 years searching out bras that both fit well and are just a bit stylish. I’ve also bought more matching underwear than I previously had. This has been about my body image and a desire to look and feel attractive. It isn’t enough to be told by someone else that you look attractive, it needs to come from within. Clean and fresh looks like this and something anyone would want to wear like this help.

But carrying a prosthesis around inside is not the best thing. Not one can necessary see or tell, but I knew. I could feel the weight in a way you can’t tell with your own flesh. Including when swimming; I’ve bought a lot of swimsuits too. A lot.


I’ll keep some of my collection of mastectomy bras. But not all of them. Same with the swim suits. Because I’m pleased to find that there are quite a number of places that take donations of mastectomy products. I just can’t imagine how I’d have got through the experience without being able to afford to buy what I needed. Granted there are high street supermarkets that do sell cheaper products than some I’ve bought. But I’m glad to have had the choice.

Moving forward

I’m looking forward to buying lingerie that offers a cleavage. Also the opportunity for a strapless bra, since they are nigh on impossible to find with pockets. I will still be looking for comfort and am pleased to see that the world has moved on so much that under wire isn’t always needed for support. No doubt I’ll go mad and buy more stuff than I need once again, but it’s my money and if I want to buy nice stuff I will.

Bonus is, there will be more choice to share here on my blog.

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