Emerging from winter

It had been a very long time since I stepped out of the house without underwear. It has just been too cold to chance going out without bra and panties. When wearing a dress or skirt, I have encased my legs in tights and more than often boots. My body is now pale and anaemic, my legs white. Apart of course from the freckles which always adorn my arms in particular, even in winter.

All of this is not quite true, since I now quite frequently wear nothing underneath trousers or jeans, so long they are of a soft enough fabric that won’t cause chafing. For winter this is my way of trying to remember that Master prefers a slave without underwear. He does however understand the need to keep warm and so cover up. 
Yesterday then was the first day this year that I have been out with no underwear on at all. Today is the second. Thankfully some warm spring weather has arrived and we are blessed with sunshine. Yesterday we ventured out into the countryside to explore a country house and its grounds. We had a picnic and strolled around in the warm (though at times cloudy) fresh air. 
These two photos provide a small record of our day out. In this first photo Master told his girl to lift up her dress so that he could get something of a view. She did so and quickly dropped it, but too quickly for him to take that photo. So she lifted up again. My thoughts? I need to do some work on toning up that backside and those legs!
In this second we are sitting on the grass. Around us people stroll, and little children run around. But of course this view is caught by Master only. A small glimpse of the summer to come. Of days out and about, a trip to Sicily in just over a month and this week coming to France. 
More photo opportunities and hopefully this time I might get a stock of photos which I can use in the depths of winter. February photofest maybe?

Plus we were sad that this particular wood wasn’t full of bluebells!


I love a bath with lots of bubbles. I love to lie back and to relax, to let the stresses and strains of the day float away. As you can see, I am still maintaining the bush that Master insists on. At least that means it is pretty low maintenance. 

A place to relax

I have a painting in my dining room of the place I have my apartment in France. I have my ex to thank for buying the picture and maybe when we divide everything up he will want it. It is a place we both love to go to, just not at the same time these days. I am looking forward to getting back there soon for some sun, sea and of course sex. It is a place where I immediately unwind and relax. 

On display

The last of the photos that Master took of me last Sunday Morning shows me on display for Him. 
For a long time we didn’t really explore as many positions for sex as maybe we should, perhaps we got into something of a routine. Lately though Master has been enjoying his girl from behind much more. This photo shows me ready to take him, and of course you have already seen the end result.
I just love those large hotel beds with their pristine white linen. All the better for the fact that I have no responsibility to do the laundry afterwards!

Zipped -Throwback Thursday!

This photo is from the early days of our relationship when it was more about play than anything else. During one of our early play dates Master used the zipper on me. From the look of this He had also applied some kind of implement to my thighs. It has been a while, but when those pegs come off you feel some serious pain. I hate to admit it, but that is something I would really like to experience again!


Master requires His girl to be ready for Him at all times. Of course being a good, obedient slave she complies with good grace. Legs spread, arse in the air, tits swinging. 
This girl is ready for use.

The strangest thing

The strangest thing I think I have ever seen was a picture we discovered in the Casa de Pilatos in Seville over the Christmas holidays. This photo is taken from a copy rather than the original, but I doubt it detracts from the weirdness of this piece of art.  Essentially this is purported to be a bearded woman who is pictured with her husband and child. Master and I found it difficult to quite believe the story. What was sad, was that the picture was tucked away in a dark room where most people perhaps don’t visit. Perhaps there is embarrassment about this, which is sad. It is definitely odd but it is also very interesting.

Valentines day

She was awake early; she had slept well and felt rested. The same was true for Him. Despite their busy Saturday and the fact that they had finished the night with cheese, wine and cocktails they were both alert.
She lay in bed beside Him just surfing and checking out her usual websites.
He did the same, though His involved some places that were far more erotic. He rubbed him self as He viewed what was on offer
He got up suddenly and walked around the bed, instructing her to get on her knees. 
Soon He was fucking her. Fucking her in such a way that she felt Him deep inside of her cunt. Fucking her in such a way that she knew that she was wetter than wet. 
He asked her who she was, what she was. Of course she is His slave, His slut and His cunt. 
she told him so. 
Master’s cock filled that worthless cunt and she knew there was no better way to start Valentines day. 
Who needs roses?

Hearts and flowers

That is just what Valentines is about isn’t it?

I have to admit that events have overtaken me this weekend and I haven’t had the chance to post any February Photofest photos. I know I should have been more organised and planned ahead, but I didn’t. 
Master had arranged a number of cultural events (music and film) for us for yesterday and decided that we should spend the weekend in London so that we didn’t have to get up so early yesterday. So, we spent Friday and Saturday nights in a lovely hotel in central London, one that we are now familiar with having stayed a number of times over the last couple of years. 
This morning we laid in bed a little later and then had some hot sex. Master took some photos which I now have in my possession and all of which will give me some great posts in the coming days. 
So back to the hearts and flowers; happy valentines day:
Socks with hearts, and something else in the background!
Red roses in the hotel reception
The view from the 12th floor of the hotel


Feet can be sexy. But even in their sexiness they can be painful.

We had the most amazing time in Spain last Easter, but too much walking can result in some very swollen and painful feet.

The good thing about this though is that when both of you have spent too long on your feet, you might realise that you need some down time and that time might involve a prolonged period of time in bed and then just ‘pottering around’.

There is no evidence of the pottering, but there is some evidence of the feet!