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Boobs for BoobDay

A cropped photo of me showing me sitting in a chair outside in the sun wrapped in a towel but showing my naked boobs

I’ve been meaning to write about my boobs for ages. By that, I mean to give an update on where I am with regards breast cancer treatment, surgery and all other related things. Of course it helps if I’m bothering to actually post anything at all on the blog. Which I really haven’t been doing. But anyway, here I am with that update which will be posted on BoobDay which is now hosted by A Leap of Faith.

Back in the middle of last year I saw the Oncologist for the final time, I’ve spent about 4 years alternating between their team and the Breast Surgery one. There have been annual mammograms and then a physical examination at the appointments. The Oncologist, happy with progress suggested one further surgical appointment and then discharge. Meanwhile I could stop the Letrozole at the end of 2023. Roll on to November and I received a letter to tell me that my mammogram was clear and so I stopped the tablets. I’ve spent 5 years blaming them for all my aches and pains. There’s no doubt that some of them were the result of the medication, but by no means all. Sadly.

Then in December, just a couple of days before Christmas I saw the Breast Surgeon. I am now discharged and back on the 3 year mammography programme. Yippee. My 5 years is up. Of course, I shall be keeping an eye on things but right now all is very good indeed.

Then there is the matter of plastic surgery. As you can see above, my DIEP reconstruction has healed well, though I have a very defined line across my breast. Some liposuction under my arm and a bit of a surgical tidy was planned. But over Christmas I had a think about it and decided that enough really is enough. I’ve cancelled surgery and instead will get myself a tattoo as soon as I find the right person and decide exactly what it should look like. Part of me thinks I should go to someone who is used to covering reconstructed boobs, so I need to do some research.

So, my breast cancer journey is finally complete and I am no longer a patient. Long may it last.

1 thought on “Boobs for BoobDay”

  1. Lovely photo … and lovely to read your updates too.
    The tattoo sounds a wonderful idea … look forward to seeing it here at some point too.

    Xxx – K

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