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Our Journey together Part 2 (from August 2018)

3 January 2023

wow! A year since my last update on this page. So much has happened too. Back at the end of 2021 we decided 2022 would be a good year to get married and so in January 2022 we booked the wedding for August 2022. We chose a Thursday because midweek weddings are cheaper and because of the 2020 and 2021 backlog.

Then out of the blue in February I was offered a DIEP reconstruction in March. After much discussion and thinking we said yes. This was a big operation and a massive decision. Recovery was slow, but the scars (mental, emotional and physical) are healing. I wrote about the experience of surgery here. CW – it goes into a lot of detail.

As I healed we managed to get away to stay with friends for Easter and then in May to go house hunting in France. What do you know? We put an offer in on the first place we visited and don’t regret it one bit. I wrote about healing here.

So to the wedding. A heatwave in July and then August made us review our plans for an outdoor wedding. I’d never imagined that we would alter those plans for anything other than rain! I wrote about the whole event here.

Off we travelled then to Spain and spent a couple of fun and busy weeks travelling to some wonderful cities, taking in some fabulous sites. Then on to France and the new house. There, building Ikea furniture, buying stuff for the house and hosting my brother took its toll. With the small matter of having no wifi for 2 weeks (that’s a story of its own)! On the way home though we managed a Sinful Sunday photo in which I think we look rather happy!

The tail end of the year was a little different. No sooner were we home but Master’s mum became ill and died soon after. She was 90 and had lived a good long life. They were sadly estranged for most of the past few years, but he had a chance to re-engage with her before the end. Emotionally this time has been challenging for us both. Plus the constant visits to her house and engaging with family members. At the same time I started a new old job. I’m covering the post I held back in 2018 temporarily while recruitment happens.

The decision taken in September to return to France for Christmas has been a good one. It’s been a low key and restful 2 weeks. But home beckons and we’ll be back to reality by next week.

20 February 2022

Just by chance I checked this page and discovered that I hadn’t updated in 18 months or so! Life during much of that time has been subject to restrictions, but I am hopeful of a return to some kind of normality. Indeed we have managed some of that. We managed a trip to France in September 2020 and then to both Spain and France last year in August and September. From that last trip some ideas formed and we have decided to sell the apartment in France and buy a house so we can spend more time there. We are off to explore those ideas in May.

Other big news is that in August, Master and I will become Mr and Mrs as well as Master and Slave. Preparations are well underway and I plan to have a fabulous day with family and friends. Some of whom we won’t have seen for 2 years or more. 

We’ve started to go to play events again and will be attending a CMnf event in March. Master has plans for at least one dungeon trip and hopefully 2022 will see us getting back to some kind of kink normality. We can only hope.  

20 August 2020

The year started so positively with plans for usual kink events, Munches and Eroticon plus travel to France and Spain as last year. But then Coronavirus happened and the whole world went mad. Like everyone else we found ourselves ‘locked down’.




One event was able to progress unhindered: My divorce which came through in April. This really does signify a major step forward as I have been talking about my marriage in these pages since the beginning of the blog in 2012.

We both found our libido suffered during lockdown. Days turned into more days, weeks and months. But thankfully some good weather in April and May then most recently at the end of July, beginning of August we have begun to emerge. On our own in the main because group events are still off the cards.

We are off to France in 10 days or so and will sit it out there for a while in the hope that the new spike of cases across Europe settles and we can come home without quarantining. If we have to then of course we will. We can only hope better for 2021.

6 January 2020

So a new year has begun. Life has been busy over the past few months. We have begun to decorate and reorganise the house. In the summer we set up and office for me in one of the smaller bedrooms and Master had Vitsoe shelving installed for my books etc.

After much consideration we decided that this would be a great solution for the living room. So we have painted the room and in November the first half of the shelving was installed. The second part will be sometime next month, so we are still in a state of some upheaval. This house contains a lot of books, but at least most of them are no longer in piles on the floor.

We’ve had some fun over recent weeks. We visited our new friends from CMnf for a play party again at the beginning of December and had a wonderful time, but it has made me think more about whether I want sex with another woman, I wrote about it here. We attended the Christmas social at the club we attend and got chatting to another new couple. Plus we attended a couple of local munches.

Finally we went to Amsterdam for a long weekend and managed to grab this saucy shot for Sinful Sunday. Christmas was a little stressful, particularly the week running up to Christmas, but also Christmas Day. But from Boxing Day onwards we had a fun and chilled time. Now I am focusing on weight loss and preparing for surgery later in the year. I have started a new blog to help me along.

15 October 2019

A year ago today I had just returned to the ward following my mastectomy surgery. This past year has been one of mixed emotions. The pain of surgery and radiotherapy burns. The stress of telling people, of dealing with emotions, both my own and other. It has been a year of more hospital appointments and waiting about than I knew possible. But it has also been a time when the relationship Master and I have has been put under our own spotlight.

We have come through, stronger, though not entirely unscathed but have been forced to face our own worse fears – the reality of ill health and threat of death. We have been forced to discuss topics we never thought we would and at times to put our M/s relationship (though not our love for each other) on the back burner. But a year has passed and we are here, stronger and ready to face the next phase of our life together.  The posts relating to my breast cancer are here. 

29 August 2019

My first update since March! It has been a wonderful summer for us. One where we have been able to distance ourselves from the traumas of last autumn and winter and move forwards.

We went back to the club where CMnf takes place, in June. I wore a leather harness so I didn’t have to show off my one boob. It felt good to be back in the play environment again. Next week, we are going to the actual CMnf again and I feel I am probably ready.

On July 8th we left for our long summer break and only returned last week. The main focus during that time (other than sightseeing and relaxation) was our sex life and M/s relationship. I’m pleased to say that both are thriving. There are some orgasm issues, but hopefully we are working on them now.

23 March 2019

January was taken up with the daily grind of radiotherapy, it started on 10th till 31st. The actual treatment wasn’t much of a problem, it was only afterwards that the effects showed up. My skin became extremely red and around 3 weeks after treatment ended the skin under my arm fell off. The pain was worse than I’d experienced following surgery. But after that, everything quickly healed, with the help of dressings and cream.

On 23 February we left for our recovery holiday in Cape Verde. I participated in February photo fest, actually managing to complete the challenge.

There hasn’t been much in the way of sex, kink and BDSM to write about. But there are plans afoot and so the next update should hopefully be more exciting.

January 11 2019

So, a new year. In April I will have been blogging for 7 years and next month sees our 5th anniversary. What is more, I am starting the year in a positive mood. I feel happy and calm about the challenges ahead as I know they are a brief interlude before the fun of this year begins.

A month or so ago I received the best news, that my cancer is unlikely to recur and don’t need chemotherapy. Radiotherapy started yesterday. This meant plenty of time for celebrating Christmas, my son’s wedding and just celebrating the end of a somewhat crappy year. I wrote about the psychological aspects of my body changes here.

Once things have settled, I intend to concentrate much more on getting back into the swing of being the best slave I can for Master. I wrote about our dynamic here and it feels clear that even though the latter part of 2018 was about my illness we are making progress.

December 2 2018

November was about recovery and recuperation. Plus starting to learn about and appreciate my body as it is now. Today’s Sinful Sunday post is the culmination of that.

Tomorrow it will be 7 weeks since surgery. The past 2 or 3 have seen recovery gather pace. The wound is completely healed and I am pretty much back to normal. The only physical issue is a shooting pain in my arm, but even that is improving.

Radiotherapy is delayed till the new year (as I mention here). Meanwhile I can concentrate on Christmas and getting more organised in the house (all that was put on hold after the diagnosis). Plus the little matter of the wedding. My son informed me a couple of days ago that he and his girlfriend are to get married on 29th Dec! A bit sudden, but a nice surprise.

This month I have appeared in 2 sex blogger lists. and Chaturbate (on Molly’s Daily Kiss). These are driving a new enthusiasm for writing here on my blog, which feels like a very good thing indeed.

October 31 2018

This has been an eventful month and not in an entirely good way. On October 15, I underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer and am still recovering. While still high from the anaesthetic and analgesia the following day I wrote a post about it.

I have never had surgery before and while I have nursed many people post operatively, I didn’t know what to expect but was surprised that the actual surgery was relatively pain free, but the healing process is less so. I have documented the first 2 weeks of recovery here and here.

There is much still to be documented about how we are both coping with the changes to my body. I am sure I will so so in the coming weeks. At present, my mind feels ready for sex, but I know my body isn’t. However there have been a couple of times over the past week when there have been stirrings. Once with me on my knees sucking his cock and the second yesterday when Master brought me to orgasm. Moments to treasure and hopefully a sign that it won’t be long before we are back to some kind of normality.

September 29 2018

The past month has been one of immense highs and one or two low points. Unfortunately a big shadow has passed across our lives in the form of cancer. This week I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. However, this is not going to prevent us from living our M/s life or doing the things we want to do. Perhaps though the pace will need to change.

I finished work on 31st August. Colleagues gave me a great send off and within a couple of days we had flown to France. We enjoyed almost a week together doing very little other than eat, drink, have sex and generally sit around. It was the perfect antidote to the busy time we have had over the summer.

The following week, I went with my mum to Cyprus. But on the day before Master and I attended the local breast screening clinic where I was subjected to much poking and prodding. 2 biopsies were taken and the resulting bruise can be seen on this post. 

The holiday was reasonably relaxed, though as is usual, mum and I had our moments. However the weather was glorious, the people we met lovely and I came back feeling pretty chilled. Just as well given the things in store. October will mean surgery, but I will update on that once it has happened.

August 18 2018

Just under a month ago Master and slave became a cohabiting couple. Slave left her home of 27 year, having sold her half of the property to her ex husband’s new partner to move in with Master. This page will document the journey from that point onward.

This first few weeks have been about fitting the stuff from 2 houses into one. That process will be ongoing for a while. Also slave is working her notice at work. At the end of this month we will be spending much more time together, able to explore the extent this Master slave dynamic will take. We hope others will join us on this journey and that slave will make much more time to post. On this page, slave will refer to herself as this girl. In the main blog, she will do so only when it feels right.

The reason for this change is that Master prefers that she refer to herself in the third person and this girl (as well as MPB) is her given name. Over recent times, this girl has been pretty remiss at following the rules and preferences of Master. He has been pretty lenient, because of the stresses and strains she (and we) have been under. Now though there is really no excuse.

And so our journey continues.

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