Our Journey together Part 2 (from August 2018)

August 18 2018

Just under a month ago Master and slave became a cohabiting couple. Slave left her home of 27 year, having sold her half of the property to her ex husband’s new partner to move in with Master. This page will document the journey from that point onward.

This first few weeks have been about fitting the stuff from 2 houses into one. That process will be ongoing for a while. Also slave is working her notice at work. At the end of this month we will be spending much more time together, able to explore the extent this Master slave dynamic will take. We hope others will join us on this journey and that slave will make much more time to post. On this page, slave will refer to herself as this girl. In the main blog, she will do so only when it feels right.

The reason for this change is that Master prefers that she refer to herself in the third person and this girl (as well as MPB) is her given name. Over recent times, this girl has been pretty remiss at following the rules and preferences of Master. He has been pretty lenient, because of the stresses and strains she (and we) have been under. Now though there is really no excuse.

And so our journey continues.