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All sorts of problems


Life has been ticking along nicely. More than nicely in fact since I’m just back from a very lovely trip to central Europe. I’ll write more about that very soon. First though the problems, which have been with my blog.

This trip has involved quite a lot of travelling around (when don’t our holidays?) This time though we have travelled from city too city by train. So, I decided not to take my laptop, but travel light with tablet and phone. This helped with lugging luggage around, but didn’t take account of the fact my blog would break.

Back in January the reminder for my domain hosting came up and so knowing I would be busy I paid up at the end of January and thought nothing of it. Fast forward to late March hand the host decided I hadn’t paid and promptly took down my domain and my blog with it. Luckily a friend contacted me as she had received a weird email from my MPB account. Don’t know why that happened. This meant I was able to do something about it. If she hadn’t, this blog would be history by now! suffice to say, I’ll be moving domain hosts when I can.

In celebration I posted a Sinful Sunday and carried on with my travels. I was thinking of joining in with the Blogging A-Z as usual, even if the first few posts would likely be brief. Then Molly contacted me because she couldn’t comment on my Sinful Sunday, or anywhere. Further inspection suggested it might be plug in related. Jetpack to be precise. But without my laptop I didn’t feel confident to fix it.

Anyhow, I’m home now and have been fiddling with the blog this afternoon and yes it was Jetpack and no I can’t fix it so for now I’ve deactivated it and low and behold I (and I imagine anyone else can now comment). Not sure whether I need it as the functionality is present in other plug ins or with WordPress. So onwards.

It’s 5th April, so I’m late to the party, but I’m here and will catch right up this weekend. Stand by for more tomorrow.

1 thought on “All sorts of problems”

  1. Hello Julie,
    so glad you’re doing A to Z this year and sorry to hear about your blog and hosting problems. The pressure of A to Z is more than enough for me! There is only a few kink blogs on the list this year, and I was truly happy to discover your name on it. I used to visit your blog more often and it’s also on my blogroll, but I neglected my blog and blogland for a while, while dipping my toes in Tumblrverse.
    This year I’m writing my spanking stories in the form of a diary, not mine haha, but a character from my book. Some are very dark, as one reader commented, some more of a feel good type. You’re more than welcome to visit and comment!

    But enough about me, sorry, just wanted to introduce myself. I love your blog and sometimes dig deep into archives. Not everyone likes to get comments on very old posts, so I do keep quiet. Please let me know if you do or do not mind.


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