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I started this post before Christmas and didn’t finish it. So, because I don’t want it to hang around for another year and because I… Read More »Gifts

Optimism of good things to come

Christmas (or other holiday times) can be difficult. Real life isn’t always about happy family gatherings. It can be about loneliness, sadness and drama. Over… Read More »Optimism of good things to come

One sleep

The little christmas tree is packed along with my clothes, shoes and everything else. I need to add one of my plugs, which I know… Read More »One sleep

3 Sleeps

On Friday we leave for our holiday in Spain. This year my Christmas will be different from usual, there will be no turkey or tinsel,… Read More »3 Sleeps


An evening and a night with Master and my inner calm is restored. The stresses of the past few days have gone and all feels… Read More »Calm

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