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Mme wearing a checked shirt and sporting a heavy silver coloured collar.
The gift of a collar

I started this post before Christmas and didn’t finish it. So, because I don’t want it to hang around for another year and because I want to participate in the Kink of the Week on this topic, I’ve seriously edited it.

A few days before Christmas when I was first thinking about this post I was glad to write that i’d bought and wrapped most off the gifts I intended to give this year. I still had something extra to find for my brother who we stayed with on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. I chose a simple solution of port and stilton, then he gave Master the same in return. How we laughed and I’m sure will both enjoy!

For once we didn’t stay at my mum’s, much to her disgust. As I wrote earlier in the week, I was looking for less drama than a night at her place brings. In the end all turned out well and the whole gift giving and receiving from family was a success. When it came to mum I took her shopping in November and be bought each other the items we both said we wanted. So that was a quick win. Anyway over all the eating and drinking, the games and karaoke were great fun and the gifts were pretty special. A happy time was had and for that I’m grateful.

Giving Gifts

Over recent years I’ve cut back massively on what I buy for people outside of my close family. By that I mean my son and daughter in law. Master generally gets something from his Amazon wish list and I spoil my the other two. In the past I’ve given quite expensive presents to various family members and in return I tend to get stuff I don’t really want. So I’ve bought relatively in expensive things I think they’ll all like, but I won’t be losing sleep about any of it. However I do like to see people open presents, especially if I think they’ll be happy. Son and daughter in law usually are. This year logistics meant that I watched their present opening through some videos they sent me later. Not quite the same, but nice anyway. I left Master’s present at home accidentally but once he had it in his hands he was pretty happy. He’s been down a Duke Ellington rabbit hole ever since, so maybe leaving it at home was the right thing.

Receiving Gifts

Master has a habit of giving me kink related presents. Toys or things to wear are common, along with jewellery of a particular type (collars or cuff like bracelets). They are usually beautiful items and I love them. But a more vanilla gift from time to time is always really appreciated. Mainly because the latter are easier to open in public. This year I was especially happy as he bought me some beautiful pearl earrings and the final Montelbano book.

Over the years I’ve had some lovely kink presents. Leather harnesses, a spanking skirt and posture collars. Plus beautiful jewellery and one year a very heavy but absolutely lovely collar (see above). My weight gain though is causing a problem because on my birthday and this Christmas he has bought items that I can’t currently wear. This is something that makes me feel terrible and which I’d like to be able to change. Weight really is causing Mme a problem and I need to lose some now for health reasons as well as to fit in the chastity belt he got me for my birthday (a big kink as you’ll see from my most popular posts) and a leather harness, designed to fit around the waist and through the legs that he got me for Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Gifts”

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head for me. I often give people fairly expensive gifts and get relatively little in return, not necessarily money value but gifts that go straight to a charity shop. I had planned on cutting back this year but I was asked for something expensive again so couldn’t avoid it.

    For my partner, I only buy a daft thing to open on the day, I mostly give experiences or trips away because that is what creates the fun memories.

  2. I especially like Master’s habit of giving you special gifts. Of course, not all of them can be opened publicly. But in solitude, you can arrange an additional game with the unpacking of such a gift. Taking this opportunity, I wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I want to wish you good health, because without this everything else fades into the background, or even further.

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