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Going down

We walked up to the top via a winding road and treacherous steps. There are no photos of my assent because every effort was spent getting up to the Fort high above. It was hot, really hot and many times I wondered why I was doing this.

But actually it was worth the climb. For the beautiful views and for the historical setting. The Fort itself had been built in 1681, but the steps down to the town much later in the 19th century. I was certainly grateful for the coolness and subdued lighting when going down. The lack of other visitors on the stairs (though it had been busy at the top was a bonus!.

4 thoughts on “Going down”

  1. Beautiful view, the steps are pretty too. Everyone lately who brings up the fact that I am voyeuristic also believes I am an exhibitionist.
    I can find nothing that makes this true. It’s what some of my nightmares are made of, being caught with my pants down…

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