On the stairs

This is the first in a series of posts over the coming days and weeks. I plan to use some older images to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. (The photography meme is now owned and run by Sub bee). It will give me the chance to revisit some fun times and to show off my body a bit more.

This photo was taken on one of our first holidays together in Spain (2015). The weather during that easter break was amazing. Going out without underwear was a newish thing and I embraced it as you can see. And, it wasn’t until I suffered a bought of chafing towards the end of the holiday that I wore any at all.

Master took this photo as we walked down from our apartment in Seville.

Me standing on the stairs of our apartment in Seville. I have my dress pulled up over my boobs. I am naked under my dress.

Washing and Grooming

This last fortnight’s Kink of the Week topic has been washing and grooming. I’ve always found being in the bath or shower together to be a very intimate experience. We take a bath together reasonably often, but this usually involves sitting at opposite ends. During those times we tend to soak, relax and chat. Sometimes with wine or something sparkling. Other times it will be a way to sooth aching muscles, like when we have been doing something strenuous like decorating. Our shower cubicle is small, so we don’t tend to get in there together. But there have been some occasions when we’ve stayed in hotel rooms with amazing bathrooms. Or even rooms with bathtubs in the room, then things can be a little different. There have also been times when Master has shaved me. Memorable hotel rooms and bathrooms

Memorable hotel rooms and bathrooms

In 2014, towards the end of our first year together Master took me to Amsterdam for the weekend. We stayed in a hotel with amazing themed rooms. Ours contained a huge jacuzzi bath, steam room and sauna. There was also the hugest bed I’ve ever seen. As you can imagine, we made some fabulous memories there. Plus we even found time to get out and about.

Having the space to be naked, not just for sex or play really was fabulous. This was a restorative break as my dad had recently died. I loved that we could shower together, including washing each other. Also that we could sit in the sauna and spend time in the jacuzzi. That set a precedent for some of what has come since.

We’ve only once since had a room with a bath that wasn’t in a separate room and that was also in Holland. But we’ve stayed in some wonderful places and enjoyed beautiful bathrooms.


Unlike many Dominants Master is a lover of pubic hair on his girl. Early on he required that I keep myself groomed so that there was a landing strip for him to use. It would be safe to say that I’ve been better at complying with this in the past rather than now. However, from time to time he decides he wants to shave me. I usually use a depilatory cream, but he prefers the shave. This Sinful Sunday image is from just such an occasion.

There is something extremely intimate, and also for me, submissive to him doing this to me, his property. I do believe that shave led on to sex and other activities!

Behind the fallen tree

We’ve been fortunate that the weather has been good here recently, but until now have restricted our walks to places we don’t need to drive to. Last weekend we were at last able to get out and about and enjoy the sunny weather. We drove to a nearby beauty spot and had a lovely picnic. Then went off for a walk. We came across a tree, that had been felled due to disease. This proved a great photo opportunity as I was able to pose for this and a few others I’ll share soon.

I’m sharing this image for both Sinful Sunday and Scavenger Hunt. Bee has just taken over hosting this great meme and has put a lot of work into getting things together. I’ve never participated in the Scavenger Hunt but this photo seems like a great one to start with. After all it is particularly designed for the exhibitionists amongst us. If you want to find out more about it go look at the information and rules.


Over the past few years I have come to expect not just one holiday a year, but several. Added to which there have been lots of weekends away. Right now, we should be on holiday in France. But of course, because of closed borders and lack of access to anywhere outside of the house we are here at home. It felt right to devote today’s post to the holidays we have, places we have been and would like to visit in the future.

Where we’ve been

Our first trip away together was to France. When we got together I had just bought my apartment and had done so with some of the proceeds of my redundancy the year before. Since then we have travelled there numerous times often for short periods. Though last summer we spent 7 weeks in France and 2-3 weeks of it at the Apartment. It is the first place I will go when we are allowed to travel abroad again. I want to spend my money in that little seaside town as much as I do here at home.

A brief trip to Portugal was swiftly followed by weekends in Holland. We have travelled there many times since, mainly to Amsterdam. But last year we also travelled to Utrecht and Rotterdam (amongst others).

The next place was Spain. We travelled around Andalucia over Easter time and embraced some amazing cultural experiences. Only some of which were the food and drink! We have returned to the Seville area a couple of times since, once for Christmas and another for a festival called Feria.

We have also holidayed in Sicily, Northern France (Alsace), Belgium and Slovenia.

Then at the beginning of last year we travelled the furthest we have together when we holidayed in Cape Verde.

What we do

Holidays used be mainly about the beach and pool. I found it great to unwind and read tons of books. But I tended to get bored around day 3 or 4 and tired of the hotel food by day 5. Because those family holidays with my ex and son, were during school holidays it tended to be pretty hot. Something my body and skin doesn’t like.

Our holidays together are somewhat different. Often they are too packed with activity so we have had to learn to slow down a bit. Now I have to beg for a day by the pool! However I really love the things we do. Visiting churches and other historical buildings. Climbing hills to see views. Tracing the journey of soldiers and kings from various wars. Some ancient and others from World Wars 1 and 2. History is something I’ve always had a passion for.

I love to read up about the places we are travelling to, but it is G who generally choses where we go. He plans each day with keen precision that include stops for more churches and monasteries along the way. This can get a little dull though especially if you are made to take a guided tour in Spanish. Still it’s all part of the fun and it gives you stuff to laugh about later.

We love to embrace the local food and drink. Sometimes a little too keenly. At the coast I can eat fish, something that is difficult at home when you live with someone who doesn’t eat it. We read up on local delicacies and often give them a try and do so in smaller places where other tourists may not be.

Where we still want to go

There are so many places that we want to go and where I or he haven’t been. We haven’t really been outside of Europe together. Though there are plenty of places there still to see. I’d especially like to go to South America, G often talks of his trips to Brazil and Argentina. But also to the United States, I have only been to the west coast area and Vegas. But would like to see so much more. Then there is Australia and New Zealand…….

So many places to go and to see. Things to do and people to see. Being restricted not only to our own country but our own town makes us realise how lucky we have been. But also to think of the places out there we may like to travel to. Our house is filled with books, including lots of travel books. Opportunity to find new and different options.


Today I continue this week’s #FebruaryPhotofest theme – Exposing Myself. This photo was taken in one of the many castles we visited on holiday last year. I’m not sure what this alcove was originally used for, but it makes a useful place for a bare bottom opportunity.

Exposing myself

This week’s February PhotoFest images will have the theme of exposing myself. This doesn’t mean I randomly go around showing my bottom, cunt or boobs off to just anyone. These were all specifically taken to expose myself to Master. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

This first one was taken on the balcony of my apartment in France after a boozy lunch.

A bright new day

This is one of the photos taken last March when we celebrated Master’s birthday. A beautiful spring day as I think you can see from the image. I’m not sure where we’ll be on his birthday this year, it’s a special year for him and he is choosing where we’ll go. Hopefully though there will be lots of opportunities for photos and plenty of bright new days to come.

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Summer's on the horizon

It’s mid January. The month that often feels like it will never end. Here in the southern half of the Uk we have at least had a sunny and day today. We’ve had far few days this winter when we could see the sun and the sky. So, I’m already looking forward to summer and what we might do and where we might go.

This photo was taken in France on our holiday last year. Not the sunniest of days but equally not wet and not cold. A day when we climbed a tower and since there weren’t many people around photo opportunities could be taken. These are the kind of days I look forward to. However cold and dark your world is right now, summer is on the horizon. Unless you are in the southern hemisphere of course, then the reverse is true. Happy Saturday / Sunday xx

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