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Catching our breath

Watching the world go by!

Spending almost three weeks travelling around northern Spain and the French Pyrenees is a wonderful thing to be able to do. That journey through involved staying 2 nights in most places and then 4 at the end. We arrived at our apartment by the sea feeling somewhat weary, last Saturday. The weather during most of the past couple of weeks has been really quite hot, day and night. So it’s not surprising we were sleep deprived. Also though we’d been to a number of places that required walking up or down hill. Often both.

Anyway all of the above contribute to my excuse for not having blogged much. Into the mix I’ll add poor or no wifi, the need to unwind in a hotel bar with a gin and tonic and any other excuse I can think of. It’s August and I’m taking a break from work and from the laptop. The really good thing is that we’ve fitted in lots of sex (especially good in an air conditioned hotel room). What has also reemerged has been Master’s Dominance and my submission. Due in no small part to his efforts, and insistence in calling me girl or this girl. It does tend to pull me up and get me back into a space I’ve not always been able to find recently.

I’ve written up some of the places we’ve visited on my other blog. I often keep a written journal, but this time I thought I’d create a page on my Food and Fitness blog too. I’m a bit behind, but since I have the hand written journal I do plan to catch up, now we are going to be in one place for a while. It includes photos, so will be a good record for me even if no one else reads it.

It’s a vanilla blog so I haven’t written anything of our sexual antics. Nor of me going on a Skype Call with the Smutlancers with Master naked in our room. Some hot sex followed that one. We had some wonderful rooms during our hotel stays which definitely helped my post for KOTW on the same topic. Our final four nights before arriving here were spent in the French Pyrenees. We had a wonderful little Gite, but with a mezzanine floor bedroom and stifling temperatures, there was no sex. For one there wasn’t actually the space and secondly it was too damned hot. We’ve made up for it since being here though. Plenty of time and thankfully cooler temperatures. Though accompanied by a bit of a stiff breeze, but you can’t have it all.

Anyway we now have time to recharge our batteries, catch our breath and just live. So, I’m intending writing much more often, both here and on Food, Fitness and health. I’m off there now to continue my travel journal. Why not join me?

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  1. Unfortunately, the heat is not conducive to active physical activity, which undoubtedly can be attributed to sex. But with an air conditioner, this gap can be quickly made up.
    I wish you a pleasant stay.

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