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Hotel Rooms

How kind of Molly to feature hotel rooms as a kink of the week just when we’ve spent many nights over the past couple of weeks in them. It’s weird though that this is the first time we’ve stayed in hotels for 18 months or so. Because before that we were regulars. Holidays, yes but also weekend breaks and the odd night when we didn’t fancy travelling home from London. Life has changed big time!

So, what is it about a hotel room that is better for sex and sometimes kink than our own room at home? Well for me (and us) it’s multifaceted and even though we’ve stayed in all sorts of rooms from budget to high end, it isn’t even the nicest rooms that always make the most difference. Though that helps at times.

Master sitting on a wide window sill of a hotel room in Spain
Naked on the window sill

A room with a view

Views definitely help, especially when like us you have exhibitionist and voyeur lurking within. Our current room has not one but two balconies. It’s by far the biggest of rooms we’ve had in a very long time. Inside though it’s more functional than comfortable, but since it’s summer that doesn’t matter. This room has been home to hot sex this morning and a bottle of cava on the sofa last night, when it was a tad chilly. This morning it’s warm and sunny, with light and heat streaming onto our balcony overlooking the lake.

Room with doors, one open. Outside is a chair and railings then a lake and trees.
Spanish view
Hotel bed, with a hat
Spanish bed

A room with a jacuzzi bath

We’ve been lucky enough to stay in a few rooms with jacuzzis. The Dutch seem (in my limited experience) to do these really well. In Amsterdam and Utrecht we had huge rooms with big tubs and even sauna and separate shower. We’ve been busy while staying in those cities so often we’ve been up very late into the night using the facilities and having sex afterwards (if we haven’t fallen asleep). They certainly helped provide the relation required to enjoy the full facilities and to relax too. It often seems a shame to actually leave the room for breakfast or dinner!

Master in a large jacuzzi bath
Relaxing in the bath in Utrecht

What is it about hotel rooms in general?

Practical stuff, the sheets are clean and you aren’t doing the laundry after getting hot and sweaty. The rooms are uncluttered and you don’t generally have tons of other distractions. If you tell people you are going away for a few days family tend to leave you alone. Even my mother hangs back a little when we are away somewhere.

In fact I’ve had a love of hotel rooms before Master and I were together. Especially when at a conference through work. I often manufactured a reason for a night away. To be on my own, to watch TV or not, to eat or not and when my son was younger to get a bath without interruption. These days though I’m happy to share the experience and since Master often chooses our rooms that’s just as well.

Hotel rooms don’t always make us horny

For a start sometimes we are just too busy. The room is a place to sleep while we explore places or attend conferences. Eroticon in particular is always so full on that we have little space or time to do much other than sleep in the room.

Sometimes though they lend themselves to some kinky extras. Master often travels with some portable restraints and the odd little implement with which to spank me. Often that will lead to more, or sometimes will just give us the excitement we need in the moment.

Me strapped to the bed
Ready for a birthday spanking (last year)

It’s good to be back

One thing is for sure though, I’m glad to have the opportunity to sleep and do other stuff in hotels once again. Even if restrictions mean that the experience isn’t quite the same as in the before times. But More about that another time.

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