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About us. An update

It is time that I updated my “about us” page, so this post is written for that purpose.

This morning Master commented that it must have been a year since this girl became His slave. This thought has given this girl cause to reflect on that year and to realise how far she has come and how different her life is now in comparison to then. For one, there is no ‘alpha slave’ waiting across the atlantic ocean. This time last year, Master was with kitty and unknown to this girl, things in that relationship were drawing to a close. None of us realised it at the time, so this girl was trying to live from day to day, making the most of her time as His slave, biding her time until it would end and kitty would arrive. At that time also, hubby was still spending part of the week at home, son was living here and things with dad’s illness were beginning to come to a head. Life was stressful and this girl appeared to be one high maintenance slave.

But actually that is far from reality. This girl is in the main self sufficient when she needs to be, but ever reliant on Her Master when she doesn’t. Life is now in a steady routine where weekends are spent together. During this time, this girl feels safe in the knowledge that she is His slave, His property, His play thing, but the relationship is now so much more. During the week, this girl is working and in the evening she is her, at home, alone. What is different though is that she remains His slave during that time. There is now never a moment that she doesn’t know or feel that she is His. There are external signs – the slave bracelet and the piercings. But without those symbols that knowledge and feeling remains. This is now a 24/7 TPE relationship even though we don’t live together. This is stated even though just days ago this girl denied this was so. Today she has changed her mind.

How can this girl say and think such a thing with such certainty?

Well, increasingly this girl knows that it isn’t just he body that Master owns – that part was given up willingly when she became His submissive.

It is the deep seated and acknowledged fact that He owns every part of her. It is about the fact that He always knows what His girl is doing, who she is with (except during the working day) and that during those times, when out of sight that she is mindful of her slave status, of what His views would be of her behaviour at that time. This is done without actual contact, save for the occasional text or email.

When they are together His control over her is more overt and explicit. That isn’t to say that she doesn’t do things on her own initiative, of course she does. But there is an every present understanding who and what she is and what her purpose is. Of course, this relationship is much wider, deeper, and stronger than can easily be expressed on a page such as this. It is a loving caring relationship between two adults. It is about pleasure and fun and it is about discussing serious issues and making decisions. But at all times, He is the Master and she is the slave. She is this girl to Him and He is Master to her.

Today this girl has no limits, they are owned by Master along with her body, her orgasms and indeed her mind.

All of these things can be stated because there is complete trust in who this girl is, who He is and that He will always do the right thing by her. Soon we will take the next step and this girl will wear Master’s collar.

A year may have flown by, but in terms of this relationship we have come a very long way.

Oct 2018: For our story to the present date please see the pages at the top of the blog. 

4 thoughts on “About us. An update”

  1. I always enjoy hearing about peoples reflections when looking back on how far they have come, its what i enjoy about blogging in general, although there are some posts from my past i would love to delete…boy did i think i knew it…i keep them there, because they remind me of how i have grown.

    What a great year you have had though, ups and downs, but then its surviving the downs which makes one stronger i believe.


  2. what a lovely reflection on your past year…one would love to be able to express herself that way…a lot of what you say in your reflection rings true with me…thank you for sharing…smiles

  3. Thanks tori, yes there have been ups and downs but I m definitely stronger for them. Master often mentions that when we met I thought I knew it all and have subsequently realised that I didn't. Learning can be the best fun xx

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