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Let the music play

Someone lying back, their foot resting on a portable radio cassette player
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“Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.”

Alphonse de Lamartine

Music has always been part of my life. From my childhood when the radio played sounds of the 60’s then 70’s most of the day and often the record player at night. Any time a golden oldie comes on the radio nowadays I find myself transported back to a long ago summer holiday or Christmas time. I was about 14 when I received my first ‘tape deck’. My memories of that time consist mainly of David Soul, David Cassidy and Leo Sayer, I played my small collection over and over in my bedroom. If I wanted to play one of my records, then it was on the family ‘hifi’ in the living room. But in my own place of sanctity, doors closed to keep out my brother I could easily lose myself in my own music.

When I got together with my ex music became a big part of our life together. Music we played in his bedroom while we snogged and groped each other on the bed. Parties with our friends and then concerts. 10cc and ELO became Whitney Houston and Simply Red. Moments became defined by music – our wedding, holidays and later the birth of my son. But also sad times, evenings spent alone when I didn’t know where the man was. The B52s Love Shack, Sinead O’Connor Nothing Compares 2 U and so on. More latterly Robbie Williams has been a particular favourite, I’ve seen him 3 times. Plus Coldplay and REM. There are certain tracks within my albums that bear special meaning and which I play depending on mood, happy or sad.

In this relationship there has been classical music. Master is a massive fan of piano music, lieder and lots of other stuff. He also loves jazz and can tell you who was playing saxophone or piano on a track recorded back in 1955 or earlier. I started going along to classical recitals just because he was going. But I’ve started to learn more about what I like too. I’m no expert or a particular connoisseur but it can be moving and relaxing at the same time. Schmmann, Debussy, Ravel. Songs in German or French, studying the translation and allowing myself to drift into the music. Just like I did when I lay on my bed listening to Leo Sayer or David Cassidy. Oh yes, I love to let the music play.


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