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Mind your manners

A Dom doesn’t need to ever use the word 

There are times when I don’t expect Master to use the word please, or indeed thank you. Times when I do as I’m told without question. When the very tone of his voice is enough to pull me up short, to make me utter, “yes Master”.

Those are special times. Special because they are not an everyday occurrence. Indeed they are relatively rare right now. But the fact that they have happened and will again is enough.

In general the word please is very important. From anyone and everyone. It’s polite and it’s good manners. I guess I’m old fashioned when it comes to that stuff and what’s more I don’t take kindly to being ordered about. Or even told what to do.

Which makes the whole fact that I am willing to be ordered about, ever something I find quite hard to grasp. But it’s all about situation, purpose and meaning. So, just because someone’s a Dom doesn’t give them the right to instruct or tell without saying please. They have to be my Dom and in the right king of situation. Otherwise I’m not going to be much of an obedient submissive to them.

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