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“I dare you to stand naked in the hotel corridor” He said. So, of course I did. I was probably fortified with alcohol, but given that I am a slut and an exhibitionist I’d probably do that anyway.

Standing in front of some fire doors in a hotel corridor.

Taken a few years ago, like the previous two days this photo hasn’t been shown on my blog before. It seems fitting for the end of February Photofest and also give me chance to link up to Scavenger Hunt.

I didn’t manage every day this year. Work levels and then a wifi issue made it difficult to quire meet the goal of 28 consecutive posts. But this is the most I’ve posted in one month since last April.

My plan for March is to keep up the momentum, but actually write more too. Thanks to Molly for hosting February Photofest again and to everyone who took part. Links below.

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