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“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” – Stephen King

I set myself a task to write more November. Having joined up with Brigit’s EROBLOPOMO at the beginning of the month I was raring to go. Well, the results are in. November was a much better writing month than the previous couple, I posted 13 times. 5 of these were Sinful Sunday posts but they were posts none the less. Interestingly I also read a lot more, just regular books, nothing erotic but I read most days. You know what, you can’t read and write at the same time so that is pretty cool.

I agree with Stephen King when he says that to write you need to both read and write a lot. Writing, in a meaningful way takes time and effort. It also takes practice. I find reading is the same, the more you read the more you want to read. For me that then makes me want to write.

I’ve struggled with motivation for sexy writing this year. I haven’t really wanted to read other people’s sexy and kinky writings either. Instead I have ploughed on with reading more generally and then writing what I feel like writing. Sadly that has included erotic fiction, it’s almost as if I have lost the ability to know where to start.

As we near the end of the year, it’s clear things won’t just magically return to normal, I find myself struggling a bit more than I thought I would. It seems strange when you watch a film or read a book to find people in crowded situations. That they are going out meeting friends, living fun and fearless lives. But I don’t want to read or write about this new life either. I want it to go away and allow me to feel normal again.

I do feel hopeful though as I have my new planner and the Smutlancer group to help with motivation. I’m also going to try to reignite my desire to write about Food, Fitness and Health again. I started that blog full of enthusiasm and haven’t given enough time to writing on their either. Nor have I spent nearly enough time reading and looking for resources. I want to but somehow my motivation has been lacking.

In terms of reading I’ve started reading more books that I wouldn’t normally chose. Partly because a group of friends have formed a (currently virtual) book club. I’ve found new authors and new genres to read through their choices. Some have worked for me and others less so. But the great thing is that we are able to compare notes and chat about reading, books and so much more.

Finally the Top 100 Sex Blog list is out today. I’m pleased to say that my friend and host of Quote Quest, Little Switch Bitch jointly achieved the top spot. I rose up the rankings to 25. My aim next year is top 10. To do that I really need to raise my writing game and come up with some great material for my blog. If that’s not an incentive then I don’t know what is. I plan to write more about the top 100 in the coming days.

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