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Feeling perky

During a Smutlancer chat yesterday we talked about how to get back on track with blogging sexy and erotic things. I agreed with Molly and others that maybe more photography would be a good start. I have a new phone tripod and intend to give it some use this week. Meanwhile here’s something I took previously. On a day I felt perky, showing off a new bra. I’m waiting for the matching knickers to arrive, so there can be more of this lovely pattern then!

Me wearing a new white bra with blue roses. I've cropped off my head, but you can see my collar.

I’m linking this post to Sinful Sunday today and LIFE when it opens submissions. Click below to see who else is posting this week.


13 thoughts on “Feeling perky”

  1. That is such a pretty bra! And you’re right, maybe more photos is what I need to feel more me again, I think I need to get myself a tripod too.

  2. It makes me really happy that I wasn’t the only one inspired by the Smutlancer chat, and I hope you do manage to get some of your sexy writing mojo back. This photo is really fab and I LOVE that bra.

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