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The joy of kink

Just because your kink is not my kink doesn’t mean it is a hard limit

The beauty of this relationship is that it necessitates me to push those limits, to try new things.

One of those things was water sports. As you can see from this photo, taken at our hotel during Eroticon weekend this is no longer a limit. It isn’t my own kink, it is His. But I think this photo demonstrates the joy of kink.

Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “The joy of kink”

  1. This is something we have explored. It is not a huge kink for me but there is something very filthy about him peeing on me which he will do when we are in the shower together and also holding his cock for him while he pees…. although I have discovered that controlling direction is harder than it seems. The one thing I definitely don’t like though it getting it on my face or in my mouth. I just can’t eroticize that at all


    1. I am with you on keeping it away from my face and mouth. But there is something fun and erotic about this form of play. As he says, we need to do more.

  2. I love how trying new things can open a floodgate, as it were! It’s amazing the things we never think we’ll like until a loved one encourages us to try them.

  3. Sometimes even if it’s not your kink, but you know it’s his, it’s perfectly okay to do it. There’s something very powerful in making someone else happy…

    That said, lovely image!

    Rebel xox

  4. It’s the humiliation of letting him piss on me that gets me…. so it’s often used as a threat rather than done much. But it is on rare occasions. Just like you I like pushing our limits – we both learn so much by doing so.
    PS. Really hot image too ?

  5. I have tried it once with an old boyfriend – really got off on it – Not sure if I will ever do it with my man – if he wanted to I would agree thou x

  6. What I want to know is who had the camera????
    That’s a pretty close shot. The expression on your face gets to me…
    Indie xx

  7. I’ve only done a little dabbling. More holding his cock during peeing and then having it in my mouth immediately after. I’m still pretty ambivalent about it, but there are aspects that still seem so sexy to me. I’m glad you were able to enjoy it with it

    1. I’m not keen on tasting his pee. I don’t know about you but my nursing experience means I have encountered too many bodily fluids in close proximity. The shower is pretty much the only place this stuff is happening, but yes I find it strangely sexy.

  8. Pushing your limits to please him must have made him very happy. I enjoyed reading about how you chose your blog name, and this picture and your caption demonstrates how this is so true.

    1. Thanks, it is true that I am willing to push my limits as his slave. But equally we talk through my feelings as well as his and my needs. Sometimes though I am happy to just go with the flow.

  9. I’ve held his cock as he’s pee’d in the past but it was more wondering what it was like to aim…difficult apparently…than anything sexual. Its probably one of my limits that won’t ever be pushed.

  10. Trying new things and coming out of your comfort zone I found the most difficult but it is much needed to discover your new kink. The image and words is a great composition together. xxx

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