Birthday treats

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this year’s birthday provided some unexpected treats. One of the main one’s being tied to our hotel bed and… Read More »Birthday treats

Blog changes

I’ve been thinking of making some changes to the blog for ages and ages. But somehow haven’t quite got around to it. As another month… Read More »Blog changes

Freedom to be me

“Raise a glass to freedom, Something they can never take away.” ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda (“The Story of Tonight” from “Hamilton”) Freedom is a concept I‘ve… Read More »Freedom to be me

Master with a capital M

I’m really happy about the No True Way prompt for this week, because I’ve never written about this topic before. Dominants tend to be the… Read More »Master with a capital M

A little pink

A wooden spoon can be used for lots of things. Making cakes, fixing stuck plugs holes and providing a pink bottom. I don’t mark easily,… Read More »A little pink