Seen but not heard

  • Julie 

“A submissive knows that they should learn to control their tongue when annoyed with their dominant“. This week’s prompt for No True Way strikes something… Read More »Seen but not heard

Thinking about sex

  • Julie 

Brigit Delaney has relaunched her Erotic Journal Challenge meme. Making it a little more specific and also back to weekly. I’m keen to pick up… Read More »Thinking about sex


“A true soulmate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you… Read More »Soulmate


“As beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table.” Comte de Lautréamont Master’s photo. A quote that… Read More »Surreal

Mind your manners

“A Dom doesn’t need to ever use the word PLEASE“ There are times when I don’t expect Master to use the word please, or indeed thank… Read More »Mind your manners

Let the music play

“Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.” Alphonse de Lamartine Music has always been part of my life. From my… Read More »Let the music play

I dare you

“I dare you to stand naked in the hotel corridor” He said. So, of course I did. I was probably fortified with alcohol, but given… Read More »I dare you