The missed flight


Facing the prospect of having so much more than a tub of aqueous cream confiscated G asked if he could miss the flight. Not wanting to travel alone, I asked for my case to be unloaded. As the flight took off, we were hiring another car and rebooking our flight.

Later that day, we checked two pieces of luggage onto a flight at an airport about 50 miles away. No one asked to see inside and we collected them from the conveyor at the end of our journey.

The irony is: It was so cold in the apartment in France, that none of the toys had actually been used that trip!
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A relaxed Christmas

I have probably never before experienced such a low key and relaxed Christmas. For enjoyment it rates really high; the ability to do what I wanted when I wanted, the lack of drama, the fact of being here in this beautiful city of Seville with the man I love. Of course, I missed being with my son, but I spoke to him on christmas morning and he seemed to be pretty fine – with his girlfriend and her family. Generally though I seem to have escaped, since my mum misbehaved at my brothers and this morning she put the phone down on me because I questioned the effort she put into putting other people first. The ex has been in touch by text, but mainly he also is keeping his distance; at last, thankfully.

Christmas morning sex. How wonderful it was to wake and for Master to take what is his and then to give back so much in return. When did I last have sex on Christmas morning? Did I ever before? Who cares, since this was a brilliant way to awake and to ease ourselves into the day. The previous evening as Seville settled into the silence of family time, the street outside our apartment had become silent and we had enjoyed a calm and pleasant evening – dinner, wine, a film and more wine. There were no last minute presents to wrap and no worries about what was to come.

The deserted street outside our apartment on Christmas eve
In the morning, once we had drunk our coffee we exchanged presents. Master presented me with a a new play collar, which seems similar to something I tried on when we were at Sexpo. We have yet to try it out, though I know it won’t be long before we do. My other gift from him was a vintage book: The Quest for Corvo, which I know I am going to enjoy reading. I also bought him a book and CD. The main thing for me though was being together in this lovely place. 
During the afternoon we went for a stroll in the sun. It was a warm afternoon. We walked along the banks of the Guadalquivir river and spotted this statue, apparently a gift from the people of Romania to the people of Seville. what it exactly is meant to depict is something of a mystery (what the long snake thing is to the right side of the first photo is, I have no clue), though we were struck by the whole thing! 
We ended our walk with a drink at a local bar, enjoying being out there in the sun and remarking on the difference in this day compared to a Christmas walk in the UK, often in the weak winter sun, or more often a damp and dull day. 
Later we went out for a lovely dinner in a local restaurant, again overlooking the river. On the way home we were invited to go into a couple of the more than likely seedy clubs that had suddenly appeared to be open – just shows the difference between day and late night in any area. We declined and went home to our own bed. 


On Boxing day afternoon we ventured out into Seville proper to see the Fine Arts museum. The building which houses the museum is an old monastery and is a beautiful place. The art was fine, the place a quiet oasis in a city gripped as many are the day after Christmas with shopping fever.

We escaped the crowds again by going into a posh hotel for cocktails – Gin and Tonic and enjoying a flamenco show. Then as we wended our way home we stopped in a local bar for tapas and wine. The perfect end to a relaxing and very happy Christmas.

Outside and within the museum.

Perfect weekend

It’s hard to believe that it is very nearly December, and that we have to start to think about Christmas. In one way, the past two months or so have sped past in a kind of blur of activity. But it has been a tiring painful time. Having my mum in hospital for the past two weeks has been challenging. But thankfully she is now recovering at home, and fears about a more serious disease than pneumonia (though that is serious enough) appear unfounded.

Master decided we should have a weekend away and go somewhere that His girl would unwind and where we could both be pampered. That place was a lovely and pretty luxurious hotel in Amsterdam, a place with suites where you get a jacuzzi bath, sauna and steam shower in your room. A place where such wonderful luxury can lure a girl into thinking that she is with a regular romantic until He hogties her and then leaves her while He has a shower.

My overriding  memory of the weekend is one of relaxation and pampering. Sipping champagne in the jacuzzi, going down on each other in the sauna. Apparently there was a list of things of which along with hogtying me on the bed were included.

We also explored the City of Amsterdam a little, though mainly in relation to eating and drinking. This wasn’t a tourist type weekend, it was one of indulgence. One which for me was perfect and one to look back on with pleasure.


The text below was written yesterday morning, but haste to leave for work and the fact that this girl was feeling a little emotional, the ‘publish’ button didn’t get pressed.

I can’t deny I am struggling with making my marriage actually come to an end.

For the most part, he and I live in a state of avoidance and denial. He avoids me and we both deny the need to actually do anything. I have begun to clear things out, have created space in the spare room, have changed some of my behaviours but still it is ever present.

For all the time we spend apart. For all that is not said. We remain married to each other.

I need now to make that change.

The happiness I felt on Tuesday, was replaced with a sense of misery and doom last evening, knowing that for the first time in a week, hubby would be making an appearance today. He made his presence felt at whatever hour it was and he left me a note asking if I would do his washing. I have.

I have asked Master to help me work out what to do next. I really do need to do something. I can’t continue like this. In perpetual limbo.

Despite those feelings, this girl knew that Master prefers her to focus while at work, and she had a busy day ahead. With determination that took quite some effort, this girl did just that, and between 9 and around 4 a lot was achieved. But arriving back from a meeting, with another 2 hours in the office to go, this girl felt her resolve slipping away.

A few weeks ago, this girl had signed up to an after work corporate event that seemed like it would be fun. Mainly though, she did so because she assumed hubby would be home and it would mean an evening out of the house when he was in it. This however seems a poor reason to go to an event on her own with a great load of strangers. This girl sat thinking that the last thing she needed was to engage in meaningless small talk with people she didn’t want to be with.

This girl felt a little isolated at that point. There had been no word from Master, despite a text, email and the blog post above, she thought she had posted. She texted to tell him she felt alone.

He replied that he was sorry but that his jet lag had made him lethargic and he hadn’t really done anything today.

Instead of the corporate event, this girl went to her Master. She left her desk at the regular time of 5pm and by 6.30 she was with Him.

It was a pleasant, quiet evening just spent in each other’s company. Talking, just sitting, a little touching and kissing, dinner…..

This girl thinks that an evening with her Master was so much better for her than what had been planned and she hopes that an evening in her company helped Master feel a little more energised.

Tonight when she sees Him, she expects things will be a little different……