365 Questions – Munching

Today I wish I had more…….

Chance of losing weight this week. Boy have I gone off of the rails as far as my slimming plan has gone. I have more or less eaten sensibly, except when I had had a few glasses of wine / gin and tonic. But to be frank I have had just too much wine and gin and tonic. I think that a lot of it has been a lack of post holiday focus and Master being away. But really both are an excuse for being rubbish at this whole thing over the past week.

Tomorrow I get weighed and so starts a new week.

Onwards and downwards from here on I think.

So the first part of this blog post is about munching on the wrong things and this second bit is about going to a munch on my own.

Tonight is our regular local munch and if we aren’t doing anything else we do try to go. Gradually over the past year we have got to know people and have found the whole experience quite a bit of fun. People are very friendly and the people who run it are lovely. There are some interesting attendees as is often the case and there is always an opportunity for people watching / observing; one of our favourite pastimes.

Tonight, given that Master is still in Spain, if I am to go then it will need to be on my own. I suspect it will feel quite different to when we go together, and I also suspect that I will chat to some different people because of his absence. Often when we are there, while we mix and mingle we also usually catch up just the two of us too, since we usually don’t see each other between Sunday and Thursday or Friday.

The good thing is that since I am driving I won’t be drinking and also that while I am chatting I am not eating……..

I don’t think it will get me a weight loss on the scales tomorrow though!