Master's plaything

This would have been a great image for this objectification post from last week. But I wanted to save it for February Photofest. I’m not really sure why this hasn’t been featured before, but really happy to include it now. This was also taken at the secret Dungeon

As you can see my nipples are clamped, plus there is the hood and lead. I was definitely Master’s plaything that night!


He has prepared her carefully. Securing her across the chest and legs. She is blindfolded, but for now her hands and arms are left free. Her legs are secured in an open position and from the back he can see her pink cunt through the gap in her legs. She waits in anticipation not knowing what he will do next.

The plastic of the bench is cold on her body and the position he had put her in not all together comfortable. Music blares out from the sound system, a slow sexy Barry White number. She tries not to think back to the last time she heard the track, tries instead to clear her mind. He is moving around in the background choosing his instruments of torture. She hears him approach. He is still dressed and wearing shoes. She of course is completely naked.

His choice is a soft rubber flogger and first he rests it on her back and moves it gently across her shoulders, then down over her buttocks. Then the first impact. It is a deceivingly stingy piece of equipment, she winces and he smiles. Though of course she can’t see that. After 20 strokes he replaces this flogger for another, made of rubber and then later with one formed of plastic though it looks like barbed wire. This latter flogger makes her cry out, a mixture of pain and pleasure. Next she feels his fingers touching her cunt and is not surprised when he exclaims that she is very wet. Her clit responds to his touch and then she hears the buzz of the wand. Yes please she thinks.

Sure enough the sound becomes a real vibration on her cunt, she pushes her bottom towards him. The head of the vibrator touches her clitoris full on and it is as much as she can do to hold back.

“Not yet” he tells her turning the thing off.

The anticipation continues but so does the pleasure. They’ve only just begun.


This week’s February Photofest theme is all about our kinks. My photos will highlight some of the fun times we’ve had both at home and some of the privately rented dungeons we’ve stayed in.

This image of me kneeling in submission was, I think taken at the secret dungeon. It was taken a few years ago, but hasn’t been seen on my blog before. I’ve entitled this submitting. Photo taken by Master.


Sinful Sunday




Framed by the bed. The secret dungeon had ceiling mirrors. Perfect for this shot.

20 Responses to Framed

  1. SilverDom says:

    Lovely! Although the click-through doesn’t work. :/

  2. WOW a mirror on the ceiling so sexy. I would love one in my bedroom.

  3. Love it!

  4. Julie says:

    Thanks, I have fixed it. Trying to be too clever!

  5. Ooooh I love ceiling mirrors!
    Great image!

    Rebel xox

  6. Ooh what fun – I’d love to have a ceiling mirror x

  7. Molly says:

    Ohhh a ceiling mirror, I love the idea of one of those


  8. Julie says:

    Me too!

  9. Penny says:

    I agree with Molly–a ceiling mirror seems so cool! Plus the photo opportunities would be amazing ?

  10. I have always fantasized about a ceiling mirror. Lovely image!

  11. That’s a beautiful picture – simple but has a great atmosphere

  12. Julie says:

    Thank you for the lovely comments.

  13. Again, another one where theyre is a voyeuristic quality that makes me think I’m viewing you through a window, with you totally unaware of my presence.

    Great shot.


  14. Love the red backdrop. Framed it so nicely

  15. Wow this image is stunning! I really do love it so much! You found the perfect place to take a frame prompted photo.
    Aurora x

  16. Bee says:

    This is amazing, I love the though of ceiling mirrors!

  17. Nice shot… makes me think of Marilyn.

  18. Jaime says:

    Beautiful frame! And colour! A lovely image!

  19. Adam says:

    Think you have managed to perfectly capture why so many people want a ceiling mirror. The bed looks comfy too. Great image.

  20. Exposing40 says:

    This is a great shot! I love that it looks like you’re being look down on and photographed rather than looking up to photography yourself! Ooh, your name just flashed up on my screen – we’re commenting on each other’s posts at the exact same time! Xx

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Blogging A-Z Challenge: D

It would be true to say that until last weekend my dungeon experience was zero. Save of course, the real life underground places found in medieval castles. Cold, and bleak the castle dungeon was the place prisoners were tortured and kept until they died. This is the kind of environment often depicted in BDSM stories and tumblr films; a modern torture chamber.

Our overnight stay for Master’s birthday last Friday, took place in the converted lower level of a suburban house. The window blinds visible from outside hide the warm, red interior. Most of the ground floor of the house was a large single room containing seats, benches, hoists, and a range of toys and equipment. At the far end, a four-poster bed with red bedding. No ordinary four poster bed, the rings attached to the frame were ready to take the chains and cuffs of bondage. What is more, there was a mirrored ceiling, perfect for both the eexhibitionist and voyeur.

But this wasn’t just a room for play, torture and fun. There was also a well equipped kitchen, spacious bathroom and outside a hot tub. While our stay was to celebrate his birthday, and he certainly enjoyed himself, it was also a place of exploration for me, his slave.

Friday night contained many firsts; of being tied to a St Georges cross, of being secured to a spanking bench, of trying those mechanical fucking machines. Flogged, slapped, stroked, fucked and for much of the time wearing the hood. Mirrors strategically placed meant that even through the small eye holes I could see his excitement and he chose the next implement with which to beat me. Plus the succession of porn movies showing on the TV screen. Sensory overload was inevitable.

The hot tub was wonderful, we used it soon after arrival and the following morning. The heat of the tub, combined with the cold of the spring air was amazing. We took food for dinner with us and enjoyed a kind of semi naked picnic, complete with sparkling wine. The fridge stocked with soft drinks and snacks meant we could keep ourselves hydrated.

A million miles from the cold, dark vision of a dungeon. This warm, red place was perfect. The Secret Dungeon. We emerged the following morning full of endorphins and I was deliciously sore. What more can a girl ask for?

Meet me in the red room

Click the photo for YouTube link

I’ll meet you in the red room, close the door, and dim the lights
I will be yours truly, if indeed the price is right
So draw your sword, be my king, let your passions rise and sing
Just show me the diamonds and I’ll let you wear my ring

So just lay down beside me, let us consummate (consummate)
I know you’re bursting, let me help you deflate (help you deflate)
If you want to plug in for a high voltage connection
Show me cold hard cash and I will turn on my affection (and then we’ll)

Do you wanna have fun?
I’ll let you,
Just a little

So don’t hesitate, I won’t kiss and tell
No need to worry ’cause I’m a professional
The show can start as soon as I see money on the table
I’ve an empty space to fill, I’m willing if you’re able

Do you wanna have fun?
I’ll let you,
Just a little

I’ll meet you in the red room, close the door, and dim the lights
I will be yours truly, if indeed the price is right
So draw your sword, be my king, let your passions rise and sing
Just show me the diamonds and I’ll let you wear my ring

I’ll let you, I’ll let you wear my ring

Meet you in the red room

Sinful Sunday
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