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Random thoughts

Order and Chaos

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash I’ve been sitting here wondering just how ordered or chaotic my life is. You see, sometimes I think it might look like… Read More »Order and Chaos

No thanks to abuse!

“Put her in her place, slap her hard & often.All women are whores“. I’ve been a very bad blogger. There have been reasons, but I’ve written… Read More »No thanks to abuse!

A new phase

It’s finally arrived. Tomorrow we won’t just be Master and slave but husband and wife, I feel we’re entering a new phase. Of course very… Read More »A new phase

Being in the wrong

“Try not to apologise. When you are in your role, you are doing as you wish.That also means you “can’t go wrong” and that you should never apologise for… Read More »Being in the wrong

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