Yes, this is a picture of my back, and bottom etc. I’m not sure when it was taken but I quite like the shape of my body in the image.

I’ve been reflecting this week on my blogging future and have found that just by writing about what is troubling me, I feel more positive. It’s weird, because that’s the advice I’d give to anyone when faced with an issue. Talk (or in this case write) about it.

I didn’t actually go anywhere and have no intention of doing so. But I do feel like the real me is back. I have some plans for the blog and that will involve a redesign and change of emphasis. It will also probably mean I’ll write less new stuff for a while. Because it is actually impossible to write, read, make changes and think all at the same time. I know because I’ve tried and it made me particularly unproductive!

I have no intention of changing one thing though: I plan to keep sharing my photos and participating in memes like Sinful Sunday. Click the lips to see who else is linked up this week.

SoSS 2020 # 4 – Favourite February photos

My February Photofest for 22nd February 2020.

This week I’m sharing some of my favourite photos from this month’s February Photofest. I am in total awe of the amount of work that fellow bloggers put into this annual event. Which I’m sure you know is run by the fabulous Molly Moore. Every year I say I’m going to plan and to create great images and every year I struggle to make it to the end. Below are some of my favourites so far, this year.

The beautiful fishnet body stocking Little Switch Bitch is wearing in this image is inspiring. I’d love to wear something similar and to carry it off as well as she does. But I also love the colour contrast of her skin, the outfit and the grass. I do love outdoor photos and need to take more of them myself.

In this image by Purple’s Gem the flowers from the garden are inside and resting delicately on little gem’s beautiful body. Their creativity knows no bounds and I have enjoyed looking at all of their photos. This is a favourite because of the colour contrasts again. I’m a sucker for those!

My favourite photo on my own blog this February is the one I took the other day for the Fishnet Wicked Wednesday prompt. I have to admit it is images such as this one by Nikki from Love is a Fetish. What beautiful tights that show off her very lovely ass.

Deviant Succubus’s photos this month have been a real joy. Her images are such fun and a great opportunity to see her in so many poses and situations. This one is both beautiful and so funny. I love it!

I am enjoying The other Livvy’s Film Review Blog and this month some of her February photofest photos reflect the films she is reviewing . This one from The Graduate is fabulous. It’s great that EA is such a sport when it comes to his role in the photos. In this one he is wearing clothes, which isn’t always the case in their photos.

Marie’s image of herself superimposed over her local city of Rotterdam is both clever and beautiful. I have great memories of our visit there last year when we met and had dinner with Marie and Master T. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of the city due to the weather when we arrived. But that’s a great excuse to return.

Brigit Delaney’s theme has been close-ups. This beautiful photo appeared last weekend for Sinful Sunday. A perfect close up of Mr D’s cock. Just lovely.

For obvious reasons I love a kneeling submissive photo. I love the anticipation that shines through this image from Jade from Pieces of Jade. Plus the casualness of her partner as he holds his drink. It makes me want to strip off and get on the floor at Master’s feet.

Finally a Sinful Sunday image from submissy, taken on the occasion of her 50th birthday recently. A stunning image of a beautiful person. I just had to share it here.

February Photofest 2020

A tease photo

The annual sex positive photographic meme February Photofest, hosted by Molly’s Daily Kiss starts tomorrow. This will be the 5th time I’ve entered. My first was 2015 and other than 2018 when I had far too. much going on I’ve participated every year since.

Though I have plans for some photo opportunities this month, mainly with Master behind the camera. We haven’t yet taken the photos. But I’ve trawled through my library and found almost a weeks worth of images never seen before. So will start with those. Well almost.

Tomorrow my Sinful Sunday image will be something special. To celebrate the fact that Master and I have been together for 6 years. Tomorrow 1st February is our special day.

There will be a weekly theme – the first, from Sunday 2nd February is: Playtime. Tune in tomorrow for day 1.

Photographs of me

I am kneeling on the bed my ankles in a spreader bar. There is a clamp attached to my labia. My wrists are cuffed.
A photo from 2014, only recently shown on the blog

It’s been a while since I participated in Food For thought Friday. But this topic caught my eye and so having just written my Wicked Wednesday post, as I cross the English Channel on a ferry, I seem to be on a roll!

Before the internet

The first photos of me wearing little or nothing (other than on the beach, but somehow that’s different) were taken about 15 years ago. I’d got chatting online to a man who lived in Scotland. There was little chance of us meeting up, but we partook in some phone sex. He sent photos of himself to me and I did the same. There was a certain thrill in sending a naked photo of myself in the shower to a semi stranger. It never occurred to me that they might be shared further or could end up on the internet. Thankfully he is a trustworthy guy that I am still in touch with, though in a completely vanilla way these days.

Getting involved in the internet era

Until the advent of cameras with phones and the ability to share photos digitally I had never taken a naked photo of myself. Nor had anyone else taken one of me. The major issue (if I’d even thought of doing it) was that you had to send photos off to be developed. Or else take them to a shop. The idea of collecting photos that people might considered risky never entered my head.

It wasn’t really until I met Master that I posted photos of myself on my blog. There had been the odd one or two, but I made sure I was unrecognisable. Most of the photos I used at the time were of other people, often taken from Tumblr blogs. S took a few photos of me when we were together, and I think I posted one or two of them. Indeed I don’t actually have many more of myself from that time.

A new age

From the beginning of this relationship though, Master photographed me naked or wearing various leather harnesses. He also took photos of me during play and still does. Then once I joined Sinful Sunday and then February Photofest I also began to take more images of myself. These have usually been with my mobile, but on occasion with my digital camera and tripod.

For a long time I made sure my face was hidden or distorted in some way. But more recently, since work and potentially losing my career became less of an issue I have become much more brazen. There are images I would hesitate to show and do. These are photos of my vulval area. Though I have done so on occasion.

I don’t really fear people I know finding my blog and exposing me. The only people who I want to protect now are my son and close family. But I think the chance of one of them discovering pictures of me online are slim. If it happened, I’d have to deal with the embarrassment but I don’t have a reputation or career to lose. That doesn’t mean I’m not careful, because I am. But this blog and others in this genre are relatively niche. So I feel it is worth the risk. Plus I Iike sharing my images with you all.

February Photofest

I know it’s April not February. But February photofest run each year by the wonderful Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss has been an amazing influence on my blog. My first photos taken by me, of me were for Sinful Sunday and when the next February Phtofest came around I decided to take part. Little did I know how challenging it would be to post a photo every day for 28 days.

They began modestly with this post from February 1st 2015. But by 10th I was proudly getting a tit out and showing my nipple jewellery.

My first photo in 2016 was a selfie of me topless wearing my collar. Master had collared me in the summer of 2015, so it hadn’t been a feature the previous February. The photos that year were more daring, like this one of us having sex from behind. Master (obviously) took the photo.

On 1st February 2017 I was celebrating our 3rd anniversary together with a picture of me kneeling on the bed for Master. By this time I was living on my own in the house for much of the week. so had plenty of time and opportunity for photos. I got out my camera and tripod on a couple of occasions. The photo I now use at the top of this blog was amongst that set. It first appeared on 13th February 2017.

I sat out 2018. I wasn’t blogging very much and didn’t have the time or energy to put the required energy in. This turned out to be a good decision because that was the month I accidentally deleted my blog and had to be rescued by Dom Signs (Molly’s husband).

This year though I participated again and used a mixture of new and old, but mostly not seen before photos. I was recovering from the effects of radiotherapy at the time, as can be seen in this photo. I also showed my mastectomy scar for the first time.

February Photofest takes time and effort to prepare and post but is well worth it. If you haven’t participated before, then maybe now is a good time to start planning. After all it is still 10 months till the 2020 edition.

A photo taken up my skirt. I'm wearing hold up stockings, but not much else.
Up skirt – My favourite February Photofest picture of all time.

Contemplating the future

I’m pretty sure this photo has never appeared on Sinful Sunday, it was part of a set I produced for February Photofest in 2017. Master had bought me this beautiful little outfit, which nicely showed off my curves at the time. I was also very pleased with this edit, which is why I am reposting it today.

I am pretty sure that over the next few weeks I will be able to return to Sinful Sunday with some new photos. So many of the photos we (and I) shared in the past were of my breasts. There have been others of course (this is my 62nd Sinful Sunday photo according to the number of times I have tagged it). My legs, back, collar as well as my Master have featured. 

I would like to think that in future, I will want to show my new body shape in some way. But also for us to take photos of other parts of the body, hither too under represented. 

For today though, I hope people will understand my decision to share a photo from the past. 

Sinful Sunday