M/s dynamic

The Impact

The impact of Master’s implements on my backside resulted in these lovely marks. It’s just a shame they didn’t last long. But at least we… Read More »The Impact

Only strong women need apply?

The No True Way prompt for this week is about the idea that submissives are strong independent women seeking a release. “Submission appeals to responsible,… Read More »Only strong women need apply?

Seen but not heard

  • Julie 

“A submissive knows that they should learn to control their tongue when annoyed with their dominant“. This week’s prompt for No True Way strikes something… Read More »Seen but not heard

Thinking about sex

  • Julie 

Brigit Delaney has relaunched her Erotic Journal Challenge meme. Making it a little more specific and also back to weekly. I’m keen to pick up… Read More »Thinking about sex

Mind your manners

“A Dom doesn’t need to ever use the word PLEASE“ There are times when I don’t expect Master to use the word please, or indeed thank… Read More »Mind your manners