Thoughts on kneeling

  • Julie 

I’ve written a few times about kneeling, that well known symbol of submission. There are also a few images of me doing so, including the… Read More »Thoughts on kneeling

Blogging A-Z Challenge: K

  • Julie 

K is for kneeling There is something wonderful about kneeling. As a submissive, I want opportunities to demonstrate who and what I am. Kneeling is… Read More »Blogging A-Z Challenge: K

Kneeling in your 50’s

One of the key things a slave does is to kneel to their Master, right? There are numerous, neigh thousands of pictures online showing submission… Read More »Kneeling in your 50’s

K is for ……….

Kneeling and knocking over your gin and tonic (more of that later) Kneeling didn’t always carry the meaning for me that it does now. When… Read More »K is for ……….