In Leather

Searching for a Throwback Thursday photo that also features lingerie I came upon this.

Me bursting out of a leather bra.

Photos like this make me both happy and sad. Happy because I had a fabulous pair of tits and loves to show them off. Happy too because Master buys me some brilliant things. This leather bra is no exception to that.

But the photo makes me sad too. I can’t wear this bra at the moment, though in many ways it will fit better (I’ve lost weight). When this was taken in summer 2018 I already had breast cancer, but didn’t know it. But I can’t be sad for long. This was taken while I unpacked some of my clothes after moving in with Master. The same afternoon we took this one! Sad to say, he currently fits some of my bras better than I do. But that will change and then there will be an update to this post!!

Master wearing a pale blue shirt with one of my bras peeking beneath. He looks suitably happy.


Last night I actually got my camera and tripod out, dressed up in a couple of sexy outfits and took photos that I thought He might like.

Tonight I played around with this image.

This is my valentine gift to Master. The man I love and serve. I am wearing a semi transparent dress He bought me, I love the colour contrast of the image and that you can so clearly see my collar and cuff.



In the kitchen

Looking back at some of the photos I have amassed over the past weeks, months and years I came across this photo taken just a few months ago. This is a selfie of me standing in the kitchen wearing my under bust corset. I love the beautiful pattern and the restrictive feel of the stiff material as well as the way my tits hang over the top. Maybe this is the kind of thing that people should wear in the kitchen………..



Last week I forgot all about Throwback Thursday, but this week I am on the case. Master loves to buy me kinky things to wear, and he is a lover of leather collars and harnesses. I know that this is at least a couple of years old because of the length of my hair. I am also pleased to know that I am back to a similar weight. Love to wear this again soon.




Apparently this is part 1 of my Christmas present. Can’t wait for part 2. I need to get myself slimmer to fit into it a bit better and that will be my new years resolution – the weight loss journey has stalled a little lately. But loving the leather here – This photo forms part of pudding taken just after the previous Sinful Sunday offering.


February photofest – Day 8 – Master’s Kinks

Master is helping me find out so much about myself. Who knew I would love wearing the leather harness and spanking skirt as much as I do. I am so happy that His kinks and mine match up so well.

Next challenge for me is to take all of this out of the privacy of our homes, or a hotel room and into the wider kinky world.