Hello up there

I’ve shared a photo of Master up on the mezzanine level of our French holiday rental before. But this one gives more of a view… Read More »Hello up there

Come to bed

Last summer, while on the way back through France we stayed in an amazing property with jacuzzi and spiral staircase. The latter was pretty treacherous,… Read More »Come to bed

Rear of the year?

I’m kicking off this year’s February Photofest with an image from last summer. Master is always admiring my ass. He exclaims that it is firm… Read More »Rear of the year?

Mezzanine view

Sadly I’m getting close to the end of my supply of holiday images. This one provides a view of the same mezzanine as last week.… Read More »Mezzanine view

Call me Bigfoot

One of the apartments we stayed in while in France offered numerous photo opportunities. Some of them have appeared here already. The treacherous stairs and… Read More »Call me Bigfoot

On the naughty step

Naughty step is the title Master, who was the photographer gave this image. As you can see he also provided me with edited versions one… Read More »On the naughty step

Street view

A pleasant side effect of the need to rent properties this holiday has been the photo opportunities they have presented. Our current one is an… Read More »Street view