Call me Bigfoot

One of the apartments we stayed in while in France offered numerous photo opportunities. Some of them have appeared here already. The treacherous stairs and… Read More »Call me Bigfoot

On the naughty step

Naughty step is the title Master, who was the photographer gave this image. As you can see he also provided me with edited versions one… Read More »On the naughty step

Street view

A pleasant side effect of the need to rent properties this holiday has been the photo opportunities they have presented. Our current one is an… Read More »Street view

The joy of summer

I absolutely love summer and in particular the part of summer where the days are at their longest and the nights, their shortest. I married… Read More »The joy of summer

Lazy days and hot nights

The first week of our holiday was very busy. We travelled through France, avoiding Paris by keeping to the west. Each day we explored landmarks… Read More »Lazy days and hot nights

Frolicking in France

It isn’t just me that messes around while naked. In fact it is him, rather than me who is more at ease with wandering around… Read More »Frolicking in France