Fit for Friday #3

I was late weighing in this week due to hospital appointments yesterday. So consequently my post is late too.


Last weekend we were out both days and so ate out. Tapas on Saturday at our favourite restaurant in London and burger on Sunday. The tapas lends itself to sherry or wine and I decided to break dry January and drink both. After the meal I resumed my alcohol fast and felt fine with it. During the week my meals have been on plan and when we went out again on Thursday I ate a fish stew and drank lemonade. Yesterday I made a lovely Thai curry paste from scratch. It’s ages since I have done that and it was so much nicer than the stuff you get in jars. Last night I decided I wanted wine and sadly drank a little too much of the stuff. I don’t think I’ll be drinking today!

At the end of all of that, I have lost 1lb, less than the 2lb I wanted, but as my Slimming World friend texted, a loss is a loss. So that is 5lb in 3 weeks. My aim is for another 7lb by the time I go on holiday at the end of February.


The weather hasn’t been conducive to long walks so I haven’t been out for the sake of it. There was snow earlier in the week and then it was pretty cold till Thursday. But I have managed to get more steps in, what with going to London last weekend, doing some shopping in a large Mall and going to the pub yesterday. So my average has gone up to 6732 for the week. I plan to try to push it higher this week coming, weather permitting.

Health stuff

Day 12 of 15 radiotherapy treatments was completed yesterday. I will finish on Wednesday. We have a Munch to go to that night and I will be having a glass or two of wine (though not as much as last night!). My chest has become quite red this week, a side effect of the radiotherapy. This is likely to continue up to 2 weeks after the treatment finishes. I haven’t felt so tired this week and have been sleeping pretty well. Though I was weary yesterday afternoon after two appointments in one day. As well as radiotherapy I had a bone density scan. This is because of the Letrozole tablets I have started. These cause oestrogen production to shut down and can cause loss of calcium from the bones. The scan revealed that my bones are healthy at the moment. They advise weight bearing exercise and plenty of calcium in the diet to maintain that.

All in all I’m feeling good health wise and so it is definitely time to step up the exercise.

Fit for Friday 1

In an attempt to be more structured about the changes I am trying to make to my diet and fitness levels for 2019 I have joined FFF 2.0. This is a weekly check in for bloggers and others without a blog on the Fondler’s Anonymous blog. Fondles will then provide a round up with her own entry. She and I go back a long time, in fact her relationship with BIKSS began at the same time I started mine with S. She stopped blogging for a while but has been back stronger than ever for over a year now. They are still together and of course I am now with G.

FFF Goals for 2019

  • Lose weight
  • Increase step count
  • Eat healthily
  • Reduce alcohol consumption

Progress Week 1

I decided the best way to kick start my weight loss was to give up alcohol for a month. I actually started on 2nd Jan. We rounded off New Year’s Day with a lovely bottle of English Sparkling Wine in the bath.

I can’t deny that I have missed the wine and gin, but not enough to lapse. Plus, as mentioned before it seems a good idea to abstain during my radiotherapy. Combined with cutting out sugar (again) and eating healthily all week I have lost 2lb in weight.

My step count hasn’t been fantastic averaging only about 5K. I have got too used to sitting about most of the day (writing and reading so not idle), but definitely too sedentary. So the aim next week is to get moving towards my previous 9k average.

Time for action

Redundancy and then time off work has been great for my general wellbeing. I feel relaxed, my batteries recharged. It has done nothing for my weight.

This morning I decided to get back to my Wii work outs with Mel B. As I stood on the balance board, a message flashed across the screen – there is a marked difference in your weight since last time, are you sure you are J! Sadly, yes this is J, she is just heavier than she has ever been in her life.

I knew I had put on weight, my clothes (the ones that still fit) are tight. I am uncomfortable and while I have more energy because I am not tired, actually I know I am fat and unfit.

I have been eating too many bad things (e.g. cheese) and drinking too much (wine mainly). Spending the amount of time alone that I currently do, doesn’t help.

Hubby remarked about my weight last night during a ‘discussion’. I know he didn’t mean to hurt me (not about that anyway), but he did. However he was right and I do need to do something about it.

Today, I have bitten the bullet and joined the online version of slimming world. I had good results in the past, but don’t feel the need (yet), for group humiliation. I believe I can get myself into shape with a revised diet and a fitness programme.

Hubby suggested Sir must like me fat. I don’t suppose he does, but he tends not to comment on these things. Plus he knows I have been under lots of stress and pressure at home. I bet though, that he would like to see me in that corset again, the one that is currently much much too small to do up!

I know its Thursday and traditionally we start these things on Monday. But when you realise you weigh more than you did when you gave birth, it is time for action. That is what I am going to try to do!

Update: Sir, can you help offer up any incentives for getting thinner and fitter?