Breast Cancer

Blogging A-Z Challenge 2021 – Cancer

Content Warning: This post is about cancer and includes references to physical illness, death and dying. As well as more positive messages. Regular visitors to… Read More »Blogging A-Z Challenge 2021 – Cancer

Things that made me laugh

Dealing with medical embarrassment Over the past few months I have found myself in some strange but pretty serious situations. I have had to take… Read More »Things that made me laugh

Then and now

So many people have commented and indeed congratulated me on my strength. It is true that I have surprised even myself on how I have… Read More »Then and now

Progress – Week 6 & 7

I delayed writing this week because of my oncology appointment, which took place on Wednesday. My assumption was that I could detail the treatment plan… Read More »Progress – Week 6 & 7

Treatment plan

Yesterday morning, in my Wicked Wednesday post I wrote about the coming couple of weeks and my hopes for the impending surgery. In the afternoon… Read More »Treatment plan