While the cat’s away the mouse goes shopping

Things round here have swung from one extreme to the other. i remember, that before Christmas, i was feeling rather claustrophobic as hubby expressed his undying love for me by barely letting me out of his sight when i wasn’t at work. He sat beside me on the sofa, held at least one part of  my body during the night and he constantly wanted to take me to bed. Things have moved on considerably and now he seems to rarely be here. He is giving me space apparently, space i neither need nor especially want. Also since i am rubbish at covering my tracks, his snooping has paid off, giving him more ammunition for when he is here. He has discovered a receipt carelessly left in a bag in my wardrobe, he has found snippets of emails on my phone (mainly from this blog, though he doesn’t know it) and he has found an email to Sir that mysteriously appeared on my ipad even though i didn’t own said ipad when it was sent. That email was sent when i was on holiday and was a picture of my dinner that day, it contained nothing more incriminating than a couple of kisses after my name. i should be better at not allowing myself to be discovered, but then while i understand the desire to snoop i wish he would mind his business. The crux of the issue is that while i told him from the beginning that i wasn’t prepared to give Sir up right now, he, of course thought that a bluff. Now that i haven’t given up he repays by being out on 5 nights of the last 7 (some of which involve an overnight stay).

Next week will be my turn. i was going to spend 2 nights with Sir, but since hubby has declared he will be out on the Friday night, i am now going to spend 3 with him. This will be a new record for us. i plan to travel by train. This is because it means i don’t have to drive on the road to hell on a Friday afternoon, it means i can read and chill out and it means that Sir can join me for the last part of the journey and some naughty things may be able to happen!

This afternoon after hubby left to visit his friend somewhere reasonably far away, i decided to go shopping for something nice to wear for Sir. It is interesting to note that when i am going shopping for clothes that Sir might like to see me in, i generally have to visit different shops from my usual favourites (the exception would be the business skirt / blouse), and i have to admit that i often feel both old and fat in these places. i know i am neither, but the average age of customer in River Island where i just bought a skirt seems to be around 21. Also sizewise, and considering there are lots of over weight young people it is not always easy to find anything above a UK size 6 (a slight pain for the UK size 14 on a good day). Still after some rather intense time spent at the fashion rails in the various trendy, young shops i have come away with a very nice short little black skirt and black, slightly see through top (which i can’t find online).

Returning home, i have tried on my purchases and in my opinion will be very acceptable to Sir when accompanied with some stockings and heels. I have hidden these at the back of the wardrobe and i have managed to dispose of labels, bags and receipts.

Let the count down to next weekend begin.

Thinking ahead

So far autumn has been pretty ok. A bit on the wet side, but then that has been this year all over, but reasonably mild. By the weekend though we are told we can expect some colder weather, with a bit of wind chill thrown in. i really need a new coat for winter and today, the day before payday, while out getting some lunch, i have seen a new coat i think i might buy for winter. As usual i was considering the usual things – will it be warm enough, the right colour, will it suit me? Today though i was wondering how it will look if i were to wear it with just bra (or perhaps a corset), stockings and suspenders underneath. Along with, perhaps a nice pair of long boots. What on earth has come over me? i may well make my purchase at the weekend, depending on how it looks on.

i think to be realistic it is going to be quite difficult to get together with Sir very frequently over the winter  months. His working hours are longer, the days themselves are shorter (well they are all the same length but daylight will be less), and that journey is no fun in the dark. i am running out of holiday that i can take, plus with changes ahead at work, i will need to be around as much as possible to stand the best possible change of still being in a job by April. Plus with the NHS changes, there will be less and less reason for me to ever have a day, much less a night away from home. i know opportunities will come up, but we have to be realistic.

Maybe we can chat on the phone and skype (not the same but sometimes you have to do these things). But i know this will mean it is difficult to feel quite so submissive as i can when we are together. So i am seeking a bit of advice here, from those of you who do more of this whole long distance stuff, or who have more experience. What can we do to keep things going through the long winter months? i am sure i will get the coat and i am sure i will wear it for him, but opportunities will be far and few between. Your thoughts are very welcome.