After the week that this girl has had, she longs to hear Him ask her who she belongs to and to be able to reply that she is His. That opportunity will hopefully come later today.
This girl has come to value the knowledge that she is owned and to get pleasure from hearing Him say those words. But it is not just words, it is through the things He does. The way in which He holds her, the way in which He looks at her and the feelings she gets as He does so. 
The need to submit to Him is an overwhelming feeling that this girl has. It is difficult sometimes to express that feeling into words, which is a little useless when you are writing a blog post such as this!
This relationship is no longer limited by the needs of another relationship. This girl and master have the freedom to allow things to develop. This girl is getting ready to make significant changes to her own life particularly in formally ending her marriage. 
For all the sadness she feels at the loss of her father, this girl looks forward with a positive heart. Happy in the knowledge she is owned.

Belonging to Him

This girl spend a lovely hour or more with Sir, by the virtue of the wonders of the internet. It was good to see Him and to speak with Him. They chatted about what they had both been doing and about her submission. He told her that He wished He was with His girl right then. She couldn’t even begin to express how much she wished that were the case.

This girl retired to bed shortly afterwards. She lay in bed, with her plug inserted. Sir thinks this girl is ready for the next size of plug, she thinks he may be right. The combination of the plug and the clit piercing gave this girl a wonderful feeling that immediately helped her to not only touch her submission, but snuggle into its warm embrace. A larger plug might just enhance that feeling.

For a while this girl lay reading her book, absently fondling the nipples that she knows belong to Him.  Since the piercings, those nipples are much more sensitive even to this girl’s own touch. As she stroked, so she squeezed her anal muscles and she felt the already wet pussy, His pussy, begin to moisten further. She put down the book and snuggled down further into the bed and began to stroke around the piercing. She played with the little bar across the hood and she applied pressure directly to the cit. All the time she was thinking of Him, imagining that it was His fingers touching her. The orgasm was almost immediate, and it took her a little by surprise. Under her breath, she told Him that it belonged to Him. That she belonged to Him. Then whispering she spoke – It is yours Master.