Blogging A-Z 2020

I’d never be a cougar

The only three categories beginning with W are Women’s rights, Work and Wicked Wednesday. Guess which one this post will be categorised under for the… Read More »I’d never be a cougar

Used and Vanilla Family Life

I’m behind with the Blogging A-Z but determined to catch up and finish. So, I’m covering another two topics today. These are really polar opposites… Read More »Used and Vanilla Family Life


How apt to reach this stage right now. My relationships feature prominently on this blog and have since the beginning. A thread from the beginning… Read More »Relationships

Nipple (singular)

I hadn’t expected that the only two categories beginning with N would involve the word nipple(s). But since that’s what it is, I feel compelled… Read More »Nipple (singular)