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Having persevered throughout January and the first week of February I have abandoned the 365 questions. I think the idea is a great one, but… Read More »Back to blog

365 Questions – day 36

  • julie 

On a scale of 1-10, how is your health? I am pretty healthy thanks. No serious illnesses and minimal aches and pains. Perhaps 8 out… Read More »365 Questions – day 36

365 Questions – day 34

  • julie 

What’s the last thing you apologised for? Master is bored with these questions, but I plan to push on. What’s more, when we discussed this… Read More »365 Questions – day 34

365 Questions – day 33

  • julie 

The most expensive bill I paid last month was……. My credit card bill. December is an expensive month what with Christmas presents, food and all the… Read More »365 Questions – day 33

365 Questions – day 32

  • julie 

What is your favourite piece of art you own? I don’t own a lot of art work. Call it lack of opportunity, money and generally time to… Read More »365 Questions – day 32