In the kitchen

Looking back at some of the photos I have amassed over the past weeks, months and years I came across this photo taken just a few months ago. This is a selfie of me standing in the kitchen wearing my under bust corset. I love the beautiful pattern and the restrictive feel of the stiff material as well as the way my tits hang over the top. Maybe this is the kind of thing that people should wear in the kitchen………..


Looking forward

So yesterday ended in disappointment. But as they say tomorrow is another day. In fact so is today.

My life, as Sir is always reminding me, is mainly positive these days. Redundancy has brought with it new opportunities; new car, apartment in France, new kitchen. In short, i am pretty much financially secure. Of course this doesn’t take account of the prospect of divorce, but at the moment that is a way off.

i have been head hunted for the possibility of work that pays twice the rate i am currently receiving. i will need to go for an interview, but the possibility that i will soon be working full time again for a while is definitely there.

i am proud to report i have lost 7lb in 2 weeks. Diet and fitness are going well and i am on track to wear the corset within the month.

Next, arrangements have been made for the signing of papers for ownership of the French apartment. i am pretty excited about this. There will be a couple of short trips over there in the next few weeks and then hopefully i will be able to rent the apartment out before i take a longer holiday. My birthday is coming up, and i am hoping to be over there then. Perhaps taking my son as a treat for all of his hard work. Of course, i will have work for him to do while there, but i think he will be happy to help get things ready for paying guests.

Son’s graduation is next Thursday; i will be just so proud!

Tomorrow, i am off to visit Sir (traffic permitting).

The weather here is suddenly as summer should be, so in prospect is an afternoon on the beach, just me, my book and perhaps an ice cream and some water. Then later, Sir and i maybe will have a picnic dinner on the beach. I just love this time of year for its long days and warm weather. Plus there is the prospect of al fresco fun, which knowing Sir will involve some kind of risk of being discovered, plus the pushing of my humiliation related limits.

i look forward to sucking Him.

i look forward to being fucked in all orifices.

i look forward to kneeling before Him.

i just look forward……


The weather helped in our decision to make Saturday a relaxing time. Early on i decided that around 3ish would be a good time to leave for home. That way, i would be back before it was properly dark.

We were awake early. i guess that it goes with our age, not being able to properly lie in these days. Still, it means that relaxing can be part of your awareness rather than part of something you realise has happened once you wake up.

After breakfast we spent time surfing the Internet. Thoughts of a trip to France, a suitable hotel and some kinky ideas to accompany it, were followed by research into a dungeon you can hire near where Sir lives, were followed by some ideas for me to get a week away to help sort my head.

After a bath (not actually together, but then unless you have something massive is no particular sacrifice), we took something of a bracing stroll by the sea. The first 10 minutes were great, but as the sun disappeared and it began to snow we wasted no time in getting back to Sir’s warm house.

We returned to bed. Deliberately. For some Saturday sex. I dressed in stockings and suspender belt, complete with heels (my corset is a little tight right now, but i will sort that). He spent a lot of time sucking my nipples and stroking my clit before clamping my nipples. He went down on me. This was a feature this weekend, He has licked, sucked and bitten my clit such a lot this weekend, there was barely a point in asking to cum for him, since i felt like i was almost continuously orgasming! Then it was my turn. The more i worship His cock, the more i love it, want it in my mouth and to satisfy Him. He fills my mouth, and helps me concentrate my mind. Wonderful.

He pushed His cock into my cunt, from behind, with me crouching on the bed, then on my tummy, then on my side. Lastly, he filled my arse and i was able to cry out, tell Him what He loves to hear. That i am his whore, His slut, that i belong to Him and Him alone.

Lunch followed. What you have to understand about the needs of my Master is that sexual fulfilment is quickly followed by the need for food.

Lastly we went to the supermarket to we could both buy provisions for the next couple of days. Sir wanted me to be dressed as a slut for this trip, but had to be honest and say that He couldn’t follow though (thank goodness as i too was spent). He thought it might be funny to add a couple of cans of sweetcorn to the blog, since that was one of his purchases. So here they are.

These are more exotic than the real ones, but there are two.

A cup of tea later and i was on my way home.

26 hours. Lots and lots of orgasms. A week of satisfaction by most peoples reckoning.

A relaxing day and a wonderful weekend.

Just what i needed!

Looking forward to being dressed as a nun in France (yes really)!


The two pictures below were taken by Sir last Wednesday. A couple of hours later he had tightened it twice and the back was pretty close to meeting in the middle. Sadly no pictures of that this time. However given that a month or so ago i couldn’t do the thing up at the front at all I am feeling pretty pleased.

Day Trip Part 2 – The Corset

Despite the fact i knew it fitted i tried the corset again on Tuesday, the day before my visit to Sir. This didn’t seem to make it any easier for us to get me into it on Wednesday morning. BUT once we had fastened it, and Sir had tightened the laces it seemed very big at the top (maybe my whole weight loss is from my boobs i thought to myself as i lay on my back). This was despite the fact that i was at that time tied to each corner  His bed. But no. Even though i know this happened to Fondles, i wasn’t alerted to the fact for some time that we had the thing on UPSIDE DOWN! I was looking for the suspender hooks that the internet site said it should have, when i found 2 around the boob area and another 2 under my armpits. Oh how Sir and I laughed at our mistake.

Once we had turned the thing around the right way and Sir had tightened it a couple of times i began to realise what a wonderful, sexy garment a corset can be. This led to me spending the entire day in just a corset, stockings and suspenders. i felt sexy, i felt ready at all times for Sir’s cock and for anything he wanted from me. Once he sends them over, there will be a couple of pictures, which He took especially for me to put on my blog.

This morning, 3 days after the events of that day, i have to admit that my thoughts are a little confused. Not because i can’t remember what happened or what effect it all had on my but probably because i can remember. It is hard to think what happened in what order, what senses were heightened and when.

Pain featured much more than it has to date. Spanked with his hand and then the lead which was attached to my collar. Spanked not only on my bottom, but also across my front, only served to make me amazingly wet.

He had me tied to his bed and blindfolded, he had me tied so  my wrists were tied to my ankles, he put the remote buzzing egg thing inside me, attached a nipple clamp to my clit and fucked my backside. I can barely describe the amazing orgasm that erupted from both of us after that one.

All of the time though, i was aware of that corset. i was aware of the effect it had on me – the way in which it made me hold my body, the way in which i looked and felt. Plus of course the effect it had on Him. Even more than ever it helped me become the play thing he wanted and needed. I felt like a sex object on legs and i loved it. If i have been on a journey (as described here on this blog), then i am now quite a way along the road to my destination.

Sitting or standing in the kitchen, in just corset and stockings, while he prepared me lunch or made tea or while i washed up felt erotic and was. Feeling him come up behind me, stroke and caress my bare backside and stroke my clit; what more could a woman want in life?