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English Countryside

We live in a town with a population of 97,000 people just north of London. Although the town is an urban area we are minutes from the countryside. What’s more we are probably no further than 20 minutes from what might be described as English Countryside. Yet, although we frequently drive through the countryside, we rarely park and walk though it. When we do so, mainly we travel for 2 or more hours to get there. Yet, there are some amazing places to visit. Some examples below.

1 and 2 are Maiden Castle in Dorset where we stayed in 2021 after lockdown that year, 3 is Lyme Regis on that same trip. 4 is Constable Country in Suffolk where I went on a day walk back in 2014.

This weekend we’ll be back in Ludlow, Shropshire (below). A place we’ve visited several times in the past for a weekend of English Classical Song and Music. We definitely should spend more time in the countryside here in England.

Ludlow. Trees in background. House and garden to right and fast flowing river to left.

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