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My plan for this year’s Blogging from A-Z challenge is to focus on my travels. Over the lifetime of this blog I’ve visited many places home and abroad. I’ve often featured photos of either or both of us while travelling, but these have usually been less about the places and more about showing naked or kink related stuff we’ve got up to while there. This series of posts may well feature some of those, but in the main I’ll be sticking to more general information about the places. Plus of course thoughts, feelings and insights about our visits. Hotel rooms will feature heavily. So, I may be late too the party and behind where I should be. But I’ll catch up. We just returned from Budapest on Wednesday, so where better place to start.

Back in 2020 when G was going to be 60 we booked a long weekend in a spa resort hotel in Budapest. Sadly world events dealt us a blog and instead on the day we were home cooking steak for dinner. This was the first year since then that we’ve decided to venture on this kind of trip and G decided to make it a proper holiday, not just a weekend break. So our trip started with Prague then Vienna, Bratislava and finally Budapest.

Buda and Pest

Until we were busy travelling I had no idea that Budapest is actually two places. Buda and Pest, separated by the River Danube. We had an apartment in downtown Buda, though originally we had booked to stay facing the Danube in Pest. It’s a long story that I won’t go into right now, but may well come back to. Anyway here are some highlight photos of Budapest.

  1. Across the Danube from Buda to the parliament building
  2. Paris Udvar hotel cafe where we had cocktails
  3. Inside the opera house
  4. Fish carving on Cathedral, we didn’t get inside as was Easter Saturday and they had closed for a service.
  5. Art Nouveau
  6. More Art nouveau
  7. and 8. The parliament building

We were exceptionally lucky with the weather and managed to get around much of the city on foot as well as taking the tram, bus and Metro. It was busy with tourists, but not overwhelmingly so considering it was the Easter weekend. Definitely a city to recommend.

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