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I'm in the shower. Lips, neck, necklace, boobs and water running down.

“My best ideas come in the shower, where I’m showered with water, but also ideas.”
― Ryan Lilly

It’s day 26 and this is my 21st post. I’d really like to label that a win for February Photofest. Especially given that since last May I’d posted only 19 times. For the most part this month’s offerings have comprised images of us both and little else. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking, pondering ideas for going forward.

I’m not saying all my thoughts and ideas arise in the shower, but maybe a few do. Plus you have to forgive a girl for wanting a quote to go with a shower image.

But, anyway. Ideas are emerging of a way to move forward with a 10 year old blog, that’s already said such a lot of stuff. That’s traversed beginnings, endings. Of new love, D/s, Ms, breast cancer and much more. Probably going forward quite a bit will be about aging. Our bodies change and so, our relationships have to adapt with them. There is more love and fun and quite a bit less sex and kink. But when it happens it really is pretty profound. So, there is more to come. Plus people who might read to this point, a grandchild. This summer!

Anyway, another 4 pictures to find for February Photofest 2024 which may have to be taken on the spot or re-edited and then, let’s see what new ideas emerge.

2 thoughts on “Ideas”

  1. Definitely can relate to the body changes and it impacting sex and kink. The menopause has definitely had an impact but like you, we are all about the fun and love. I have not been writing much either but enjoy my images still. I do need to write about my body though at some point though


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