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Bruised peach

An image of my back. and buttocks. There's a black circular bruise on my left inner buttock. Probably the size of a 50p coin if you are in England.

I don’t often bruise and when I do I heal quickly. That is when the bruise has been caused through impact with a crop, cane or other such implement owned by Master. When I inadvertently bash myself against some furniture of take a tumble, the opposite is true. Unfortunately this bruise was from the latter, but the result was still very pleasant. So, as you can see he was quick to take a photo of the damage.

I’m happy to say we’re home, so I’ll now have the chance to get round to see who else is participating in Feb Photofest this year. I’ve found using a tablet and phone only to be something of a challenge. But I’m now back with my trusty laptop.

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