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A new day

This image is a selfie taken this morning after I'd seen what a lovely day it was outsid. It's taken over head and shows my boobs with the duvet tucked around my waist.

I took this selfie this morning just before i got up. I could see through our bedroom window that the sky was blue again after the cloud of yesterday. There is nothing better than a bright new day. One that is full of possibilities. Looking back, it is good that we don”t always know the challenges ahead. It hasn”t been a bad day but there have been frustrations on the DIY front. However tomorrow will hopefully be another bright new day.

1 thought on “A new day”

  1. Lying in bed browsing this morning and although I missed it yesterday, this is a lovely start to today. Brings some lovely warmth and sunshine into a gloomy wet wintery day down here!!!
    Xxx – K

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