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The best bubbles

A hot tub photo taken on our roof terrace in  France this afternoon. a sideways image with my boobs ro the left,tumy and legs spread. the bubbles rising up.

The best bubbles, other than champagne and that might be up for debate. I think that the decision to buy the hot tub for here in France rather than at home in England was a good one. Lounging in the water, sometimes with light show and sometimes either heating up or cooling down works a treat. This afternoon was the first time that we used it to properly heat us up.

Don’t get me wrrong, we’ve been amazingly lucky with the weather. Considering it’s only just February and over the weekend the temperatures were 20 – 21c. Today though was 14 max and so by 5pm when we came outside it was feeling a bit chill. Indeed I was having stripped off. But into the tub and bubbles on was the best thing. Yep these are probably the best bubbles.

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