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I am standing in front of some railings with a wall to the left. I am wearing a blue and white summer dress and am showng one nipple. Behind me the glow of the sun shows multiple shades of green and yellow on fields, hills and trees

I’m not massively enamored with my facial expression in this photo, I think he has caught me somewhat off guard. But what I really do love is the plethera of colours. The light of the sun seems to really casting dark and light on the hills, fields and tress. As well as the browns of the stones, the blues of my dress and off course the cheeky nipple i’m revealing.

1 thought on “Colours”

  1. I agree with your comments about the light. I don’t consider myself much of a photographer but I am becoming a little fascinated with the way different lights play on skin and surrounds. I can see the light in that part of the world is quite different from the brighter light I am used to.

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