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10 years and counting

kneelng on the bed, spreader bar in place and weights attached to my labia. Taken circa 2014

February Photofest begins once again. I wasn’t sure about participating as I haven’t really been blogging. However this does mean that I have a bit of a stash of photos, so I thought, why not. February 1st gives me a bit of an excuse to post anyway, because today is a special anniversary. It’s 10 years today since we first met in person, after meeting virtually on line. The day after that was our first playdate (I know he, or we were quick workers). The rest, as they say is history.

Luckily for me, today is also Thursday, traditionally also known as Throwback Thursday. So I can use an old photo, which I may well have used before. Anyway, while i don’t think Master took this photo that first week, I’m pretty sure it was early on in 2014. Hence this post is named 10 years and counting

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