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New coat, no knickers

I'm trying on my new coat in the bedroom. I haven't showered and have bed hair. Also I'm naked.  looking pretty happy too.

I’ve got a new coat, a bargain from the sales. Not that I went out of the house to find it in them there sales. I just found it on the off chance while lying in bed one morning, cos these are things you can do when you don’t have to be anywhere. Plus it definitely is a bargain and I’m pleased as punch with it.

So much so, that when the delivery guy ‘delivered it’ aka left it outside the door and sent me a photo, I had to try the thing on straight away. So, here we have it, new coat, not knickers.

G was a little miffed that when I actually went out in the coat today I was fully dressed. But opportunities exist still!

A little note. I’m not giving up my blog. I’ve just got to re-engage with it and write and publish. For now that might just be a weekly Sinful Sunday. But hopefully the mojo will return.

5 thoughts on “New coat, no knickers”

  1. Hello stranger.
    Happy New Year to you and your Master.

    You are looking as sassy and beautiful as always. Oh, your new coat is nice too.


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